Revenge of the Patriot:  News For Normal People

It’s a strange time to be an American citizen.  Our politicians, popular culture and academic institutions all seem united by an inexplicable desire to see our cultural fabric pulled apart.  The open expression of the values that once united, shaped and defined our national identity are suddenly regarded as “micro aggressions” and “hate speech.”  What has happened to cause the greatest country the world has ever known to wake up one morning overwrought with self loathing and contempt?


The simple truth is that America (along with the rest of Western civilization) has been afflicted by a deadly disease known as political correctness.  This book aims to find a cure for our illness by examining how political correctness was created, how it works and how it spreads.  It also includes a practical guide for a unilateral resistance movement consisting of elected officials, media creators and private citizens.


The choice is simple:  Adjust to life as second class citizens in our own countries or stand together and push back against the fifty year march of politically correct fascism.

Here at "Revenge of the Patriot" we have chosen to do the latter.  With the defeat of Hillary Clinton and the repudiation of Obama's legacy we have been given a second chance at achieving the Republic intended for us by our founding fathers and our creator.  

Political correctness has been exposed and we, the American people have drawn blood.  But while the beast has finally been wounded it is still far from defeated and so our pledge is to hunt down political correctness wherever it seeks refuge.  Be it our political system, popular culture or academic institutions we pledge to be there every time to shine the light of truth on the hypocrisy of the left and when necessary, on the right as well.