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It’s been nearly 29 years since Heidi Russo made the decision to give her son up for adoption. In 2013, a five minute segment aired on Sportscenter about Mrs. Russo and the decision she made regarding Colin Kaepernick. The piece revealed that at the age of 18 Mrs. Russo became pregnant with the son of a man who “made it very clear” that he wanted nothing to do with his child. She then explains her decision to carry Colin into the world before giving him up for adoption to people that could provide him with all of the things thought a child would need. These things being financial stability, a mother and a father. The Kaepernicks already had two sons but were looking to add a third to their family. Specifically a bi-racial boy, something Mrs. Russo admits struck her as “interesting.” Luckily for Colin, his father was African American which meant that he qualified to join the family and their upper middle class community. The decision to put Colin up for adoption was clearly a difficult one for Mrs. Russo, who becomes emotional during the segment. It couldn’t have been an easy choice for an 18 year old single mother to make. The alternative choices she faced were either to raise Colin as a single mother or to terminate his life, as the father (who to this day refuses to be identified) presumably would have preferred. Faced with a tough decision its entirely possible that she made the decision that was simultaneously best for her son and the most painful for herself.

Last week Colin Kaepernick, now NFL’s highest paid backup quarterback made headlines by refusing to stand during the national anthem. He later addressed his actions (which he’d apparently been doing all pre-season,) stating that he was “not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.” The story created quite a stir and the NFL reacted swiftly, although not the way one might expect from a league fresh off of a successful two year legal battle to suspend their poster boy, Tom Brady a quarter of the season for under inflated footballs. Shockingly, witihn a day the NFL, 49ers and their coach had all issued virtually identical statements that signaled that he would not be punished for the incident. Other players, coaches and NFL alumni would weigh in on the controversy as well, each saying essentially the same thing. Citing the first amendment everyone seemed to agree that while they respected the national anthem so too did they respect Kaepernick’s right to free speech. This week it has come out that Kaepernick has also apparently been wearing socks that feature cartoon pigs dressed as cops. Every indication thus far is that this too, will go unpunished.

There’s something hilarious about watching the same social justice warriors who ran people like curt Schilling and Mike Ditka out of the sports world suddenly become constitutional scholars to defend a low-life like Colin Kaepernick. We expect such childishness from intellectual children but its always disappointing when the adults in the room choose to play along with them. Ofcourse Kaepernick’s speech is protected by the first amendment. That’s why he’s not sitting in a prison or being lined up in front of a firing squad. The first amendment is not however, nor has it ever been understood to be a blank check to say and do what you like at work without fear of losing your job. Freedom of speech exists to protect you from courtrooms not the workplace expectations of your employer. To see how absurd the application of the first amendment to Kaepernick’s behavior one need only apply the same logic to any other workplace dispute. Let’s say for example, that you work at McDonald’s. A customer notices that you appear unhappy or disgruntled and asks you why. You reply that you’re unhappy because you work for a corrupt corporation that exploits and underpays its employees while delivering food to the masses that is unfit for human consumption. Your boss overhears your conversation, steps in and defends the McDonald’s brand to customer before handing him his food and wishing him a nice day. He then calls you into his office—and does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Why? Because your boss respects your freedom of speech, that’s why. Clearly, its absurd. In both cases.

The NFL itself has a long history of disciplining players and coaches for exercising their freedom of speech when its perceived as detrimental to the league’s image. You know, like the countless times coaches have been fined for criticizing officials. Or when Chad “Ochocinco” got fined for wearing a gold jacket which read “future hall of famer” on the sidelines. How about the time they investigated the entire Dophins organization because Richie Incognito allegedly used a racial slur at a night club? Or when Marshawn Lynch got fined for simply refusing to say anything at all during press conferences. Wasn’t he just “pleading the fifth?” Because the NFL clearly understands that the first amendment does not prohibit them from using disciplinary actions to dictate the conduct of their employees, the only conclusion to be reached from their refusal to punish Kaepernick is that his comments do not in fact contradict the values of their brand. Remember also, that just last month, another player, Isaiah Crowell tweeted a graphic depiction of a police officer being beheaded by a militant black panther. Not only did the league not discipline him for the deplorable tweet but they refused to even acknowledge it as a story on

Like the NBA, which recently decided to pull its all-star game from North Carolina because the state does not allow men to use women’s restrooms, the NFL has clearly signaled their surrender to and compliance with politically correct fascism. Kaepernick drew a clear line in the sand and the NFL cannot have it both ways. When your employee insults your customer as Kaepernick did yours, you must make a choice. It is a widely accepted business practice of siding with your customer, who “is always right.” This is especially true in a case like this, where your employee has chosen to insult your customer without provocation. These are the core concepts of what is understood as customer service but unfortunately they have no place in a business governed by political correctness and identity politics. Under those principles the NFL is far more likely to discipline a player for not wearing enough pink during breast cancer awareness month than they are to discipline Kaepernick for wearing cartoon pig cops on his feet. The NFL has a long and storied history of saluting our military but as we’ve seen time and time again, political correctness is a jealous lover who refuses to take the backseat to anything or anyone, including our national anthem. By refusing to discipline Kaepernick the NFL, the 49ers and everyone associated with the league who lacked the courage to condemn his actions are acting as accomplices to him. The league’s statement also serves as a green light to his peers that they are free to join him. One of Kaepernick’s team mates, Eric Reid has already done so. Others will no doubt soon follow suit. Kaepernick and Reid are responsible for their actions—but just as Obama bears responsibility for the Ferguson effect so too will the NFL ultimately be responsible for the Kaepernick effect.

You’ve probably guessed by now that I don’t like Colin Kaepernick. Truth be told, I’ve never really liked him. Why not? Simply put, I don’t like the way he looks or presents himself. To each their own but I’m just not a fan of the tattoos head to toe, backwards baseball cap and gigantic headphones around your neck look. And no, thats not a race thing. My favorite athlete of all-time is Michael Jordan. Growing up I had it all, Jordan posters, jerseys, you name it. Jordan is regarded as one of the greatest athletes in history of all sports. Michael Jordan also happened to have not one but two African American parents and grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood. He also spoke proper english and didn’t show up at press conferences dressed like he was about to rob a 7/11. He chose to present himself to the world as a winner and that’s exactly what he was and will always be. Kaepernick is a loser who chooses to present himself to the world as a thug. And no, that’s not a racial dog whistle. The term “thug” has historical significance as a description of a lifestyle, attitude and method for procuring money and power through force and intimidation. The reason why the term is frequently associated with the African American community is because African American men frequently seek out the term as a source of status.

“Thuggery” did not originate in the African American community, nor is it the only place that it is found. Thuggery is also the preferred modus operandi for muslim extremist groups such as ISIS. To be fair, Kaepernick isn’t really a thug. He’s actually just a wannabe thug. The great irony is that he did not forge his fashion, attitudes or ideas on the street. His only connection to the urban, African American community is an absent father he has never spoken to who would have preferred he’d never been born. Kaepernick’s politics and world view were taught to him by the affluent white progressives who specifically adopted him to add “diversity” to their household. The fact that his girlfriend is a black lives matter activist who convinced him to convert to Islam likely did not help. In Kaepernick we see several abominable movements coalescing into one, exponentially more offensive and destructive package. In him we see the inevitable blending of black power thuggery with islamic thuggery. Both cultivated and empowered by liberal white-guilt.

There are 114 million reasons for Kaepernick to stand during our national anthem but he is far too lost to ever recognize a single one of them. The problem with false narratives is that once they succeed in disconnecting a person from reality it becomes impossible to ever make their world whole again. There is nothing that anyone can do to remedy the injustice Kaepernick perceives because it doesn’t actually exist. Kaepernick is an ignorant and immature young man who is making a stand against things like “hands up don’t shoot” that never actually happened. The next time Kaepernick meets with the media to lecture Americans on privilege remember that he likely would’t even be alive if the culture he chooses to identify with had controlled his destiny. In the urban thug culture, it is customary for bastard children like him to be terminated before they are born. Remember also that he was selected by his white, well to do adopted family specifically because of his mixed ethnicity. Remember too, that in spite of the fact that he has known none of the socio-economic hardships linked to the African American community he by birthright retains the coveted status of victimhood. A status that grants him the privilege to insult you, your country and the people that defend it live on television without any fear of punishment. Remember all of that the next time the NFL pretends to stand with our military, police or flag as well.

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