Holt's Debate Shenanigans Bloody Trump, Disqualify Clinton

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Last night America tuned in to watch a debate between the two candidates running for President. Unfortunately, the person assigned to moderate the debate had other plans for the evening. Taking a page out of the John Harwood, Carlos Quintinalla CNBC school of debate moderating the vast majority of questions tonight were nothing but thinly veiled attacks against the Republican candidate, in this case Donald Trump. Like Harwood and Quintinalla, Holt’s sole aim was to demonstrate to the American people just how absurd, offensive and unfit Republicans like Trump are for the oval office. Unfortunately for Harwood and Quintinalla their efforts were foiled by candidates like Cruz, Rubio and Carson who cleverly confronted them on their atrocious conduct. Unfortunately for conservatives, Trump failed to give Holt the same treatment.

The evening started with off with a seemingly innocent question about the economy. Ofcourse, by referencing progressive talking points like income inequality the question was framed through the perspective of leftism. It was framed this way for two reasons. First, because like virtually every member of the mainstream media Lester Holt is himself a liberal and because like virtually every member of the mainstream media he lacks the professionalism to separate his personal politics from his responsibilities as a journalist. This is the type of casual slanting Republicans have come to expect at presidential debates and probably would have gone largely unnoticed had Mr. Holt not endeavored to lower the bar below sea level.

Hillary handled the initial soft ball well and Trump appeared jittery but managed to stay on course. A few questions later Trump landed the first substantial hit of the night by cornering Clinton on the NAFTA trade agreement. He looked to have her on the ropes just thirty minutes into the evening. At this point however Holt intervened and steered the debate back on its intended course which was the interrogation of Donald Trump. Questioning Trump’s refusal to release his taxes is a perfectly reasonable thing to ask but only within the framework of a debate that alternates tough questions between both candidates. Holt’s debate was comprised of broad policy questions presented to Mrs. Clinton with Democrat friendly jargon alternating between humiliating statements about Mr. Trump worded cleverly as questions. When Mr. Holt wasn’t directly asking Donald Trump why he spent five years lying about Obama’s birthplace he was simply using questions to demonstrate that he misrepresented his views about the Iraq War. All of this on an evening where Hillary Clinton was not once questioned by the moderator on her private email server, the Clinton foundation or her “basket of deplorables” comment.

To put it in the simplest terms possible Mrs. Clinton received a variety of questions tailored to her desired talking points and none dedicated to her scandals while Trump received no questions focused around issues that play well with voters and a variety of degrading questions designed to put him on the defensive. Holt also routinely pressed Trump with follow-up questions and corrections, many times incorrectly. Clinton, on the other hand received ZERO follow-up questions or corrections. In reality though, Holt didn’t bother to ask Hillary about her “basket of deplorable” comment because he agrees with it. Holt and Clinton are part of the same in click, a group of arrogant pseudo-intellectuals who hold more contempt for traditional, white, working class Americans than they do for radical Islamic terrorists. In the world of Holt and his mainstream media peers their responsibility as journalists is to report and illuminate the truth. That truth being that secular progressive Democrats like Hillary are “good” and conservative white men like Trump are “bad.” As such, the role of moderator is much less that of a debate referee as it is the narrator of a story. A shockingly simplistic story about a brave and noble heroine standing up for all of the poor little brown peoples of the world against a wicked white man of privilege representing a good old boy network of other wicked white men. The challenge is not how best to facilitate a dialogue but rather how best to shape a conversation that leads the public to see the world as he does.

America might still be one country but it contains two completely different worlds. On the one hand, we have the world lived in by working class Americans which is governed by reality. On the other hand we have the world of nonsensical feel-good fantasies being sold to the masses by the secular progressive elites. As such, two narratives are emerging regarding Holt’s performance. Reality based Americans find being told what to think deeply offensive while those selling or sold on the virtues of political correctness are applauding it. Ultimately your opinion on Holt comes down to what you feel the role of a debate moderator is. If you’re one of the dinosaurs who still thinks the role of a moderator is to facilitate a thoughtful and fair dialogue about the issues Americans are concerned with he was colossal failure. If, like the media elites you believe the job of the moderator is to generate a conversation that accentuates the flaws of the Republican candidate while accentuating the strengths of the Democratic candidate’s he was a resounding success. If you judge your moderators on how close they keep their cards to their chest and how difficult it is to read their political leanings he scores an F. If you judge your moderators on their ability to and willingness to bash conservatives over the head with a wooden mallet he scores an A+.

Tonight Donald Trump showed why he was far from my first choice for Republican nominee. First, he consistently hands his sword to the enemy. We have a hard enough time combatting erroneous charges of racism, sexism, whatever-ism constantly being hurled at us by the left without having someone who consistently says things that are legitimately in poor taste. Secondly, I correctly anticipated that a Republican candidate making so many unforced errors would face an unprecedented assault from the mainstream media. For decades the Democrats have hung their hat on destroying the character of perfectly decent conservatives so it wasn’t hard to imagine what they would do with a candidate who actually gave them material. In short, I have always feared that Trump was both too clumsy and not nearly clever enough to handle the liberal media apparatus. Where in past cycles the Lester Holt’s of the world might have felt some obligation to feign a minimal degree of neutrality Donald Trump’s antics are used to justify a thorough disregard for any remnants of journalistic integrity. Stopping Donald Trump becomes a moral calling that supersedes any other considerations. It’s hard to imagine that Holt, who behaved as though he had been sent from the future to stop Donald Trump from becoming President and destroying the planet, would have gone at any of the other Republicans with the same sense of urgency, with the possible exception being Ted Cruz who likely would have checked him for it. But the news media is just the first stop in the media meat factory liberals have built to butcher conservatives . Cheerleaders masquerading as straight men like Holt serve as the introductory primers whose job is to create cheap, out of context sound bites. These sound bites are then passed along to Samantha Bee, Trevor Noah and the rest of the thoroughly untalented social justice warriors being held up to the public as comedians. They will then convert this footage into wall to wall content which will be designed to make it clear that not only is supporting Republicans is not only wrong but also really, really uncool.

But I’m not going to berate Donald Trump for failing to defeat a two on one ambush. If anything, last night’s debate emboldened my support for him. Whether Trump was your first choice or not all of us that identify as Republicans are part of a family. Personally, when I see members of my family, no matter how distant, waylaid I am compelled to come to their defense. Trump might not have won the night but he deserves credit for surviving it. Bruised and bloodied in the final minutes Clinton frantically dumped her “sexist Trump” bucket right on his face. If there was ever an opening to go to the gutter and bring up the Clinton’s ugly past this was it. But Trump decided to take the high road and kept that card in his pocket, perhaps to be played at a later date. Perhaps he sensed the trap an hour and a half too late but he never the less managed managed to retreat with dignity which may yet prove to be meaningful.

Last night underscored a point that every American needs to understands which is that we are living in an age of political correct fascism. The fact that Hillary Clinton did a better job articulating her scripted talking points than Trump last night is much less significant than the revelation that the mainstream media has grown so arrogant in their bias that they no longer bother trying to conceal it. Most pundits, even conservatives seem to agree that if “scored on points” Hillary Clinton emerged the victor. I am not prepared to say the same. You don’t win a race by having an accomplice break your opponents leg before a race. That earns you a disqualification. Last night played out like a WWE wrestling match where the referee is secretly in cahoots with the villain or “heel” and sabotages the challenger. And like a wrestling match the shenanigans occurred in plain sight of the audience. The question is whether or not Americans are still awake at this hour. For Hillary Clinton, Lester Holt and the mainstream media to behave so brazenly they must believe that America has in fact fallen asleep and that the merry march to oblivion carries on. Will we prove them wrong?

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