Post Election, SNL Opens With Unfunny Pity-Party for Hillary

The butt hurt is strong in this one. Remember when we used to laugh WITH snl? We are now officially laughing AT snl and all of the other pathetic, talentless SJW twits littering the late night scene. For the first time in years they are finally funny again but only because they have absolutely no idea how obnoxious they are. I'm old enough to remember when Saturday Night Live actually was funny. Back when they used to have people that could competently do impersonations or write genuinely funny characters. Unfortunately, political correctness plays second fiddle to nothing or no one. So when a show like SNL, whose ONLY function is to be funny becomes staffed entirely by SJWs its only a matter of time before the primary function shifts to promoting their political agenda. In other words, a show whose one function is to be make people laugh suddenly becomes virtually unwatchable. Not unwatchable because of the politics but unwatchable because it simply isn't funny. SJWs don't do comedy very well because SJWs are authoritarian bullies that rely on people applauding them out of peer pressure rather than genuine appreciation or enjoyment. It's a similar dynamic to when Saddam Hussein's sons used to make the Iraqi soccer team play with them and patronize them. Ultimately comedy is about pushing boundaries and requires intellectual courage and quickness, two traits diametrically opposed to a life dedicated to political correctness. This must have been like doing a show after 9/11. "It felt too soon to go on living again after the tragedy of losing an election." But someone stood up. "If we don't go out there... Then Donald Trump has won." Well, Donald Trump did win. He's the President Elect. And this is actually hilarious. This is what living in a bubble looks like. Some moron posted this clip and added the comment "SNL Gets it" This is the epitome of "not" getting it. You lost because Americans are fed up with the degree to which the left has insisted on politicizing everything. Academia, late night comedy, the NFL--- Saturday Night Live. The lack of professionalism of leftists, particularly left to their own devices is truly remarkable. Unfortunately there are no adults in the room to slap these twits around and say "Hey, cut the crap. Our ratings suck and you're not funny. Create something that makes people laugh or find a new gig." The adults are all gone. The only way this will stop is when these shows get cancelled from lack of viewership. And they will. In the meantime.... This truly is funny. See "LIB-CAMP"

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