The Banner Falls on American Academia

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There’s a classic scene in Jurassic Park where the park’s banner falls over the T-Rex as he roars in the main lobby. It’s certainly not the subtlest of visual puns but it’s a powerful one nonetheless, and the image has since become an icon for the flawed hubris of man.

Today a similar scene is unfolding before the eyes of the public on campuses all across the country. The monster behind the current carnage is a group of academic elites who have instituted a bizarre form of politically correct fascism on their campuses that comes equipped with a massive brainwashing apparatus as well as a rather large stick for silencing dissent. The installation of this apparatus is not news to anyone who has set foot on a college campus in the last 50 years. What is news is that this story is finally being reported on, at least by any news sources not completely in the tank for the anti-American zealots otherwise known as “social justice warriors.” But even those weaponized news sources are now being forced to report on what is happening, even if their slant can be predictably found exactly 180 degrees away from reality. On this both sides can agree: something is happening.

After the communist revolution stalled in Europe after World War II, the Marxists sought to regroup in Germany and established a massive think tank called The Frankfurt School. The general thrust of what emerged from their discourse was that the reason why the revolution failed to manifest across Europe was because the emphasis had been placed on economic issues rather than cultural ones. Only after dismantling a people’s ethnic, religious and national identities could they be made to accept the ideas of communism. Thus Cultural Marxism was created, an idea so radical that it was rejected in Moscow. Eventually they were forced to flee Germany and were unfortunately granted a safe haven at Columbia University. Before long they had spread their views to most of the prominent universities in the country.

Cultural Marxism in academia would manifest itself in many ways. One was in the formation of the various ethnic, gender or sexual identity-based studies that litter the current curriculum. While the subjects of the studies differ, they are all essentially cloned versions of one another. The story is always the same, a minority group victimized by America and Western Civilization. The heroes change but the villains remain constantly, white, male and Christian. “Critical Theory” is applied to the various ways in which human beings characterize one another until all of human history is deconstructed so it can be rebuilt to fit the narrow lens of political correctness. The same process and principles used by earlier communists to reduce all of human history to a struggle between classes now being applied to the cultural identity of America. This leads to the creation of the various victim groups that we currently understand to be the base of the Democratic Party.

But these are not the people we are dealing with today. We are dealing with second and third generation Cultural Marxists that are the unfortunate byproduct of intellectual inbreeding. Hired by, answering to, and surrounded by people that view the world exactly the same way they do. People that value “diversity” over merit and to whom the term “tolerance” means the mandatory and passionate embrace of political correctness. And they’ve dutifully passed on these values to the current generation of students.

Only something has suddenly gone terribly wrong. The ideological inbreeding has created a degree of intellectual deformity so severe that the students have reverted to cannibalism and are eating their professors alive as we speak. Recently, students complaining about “micro aggressions” and other imagined (and often times deliberately fabricated) offenses have called for the resignations of any and all faculty that did not apply enough lipstick before kissing their asses. The great irony here is that the very people who have aggressively, and often times violently harassed and attempted to silence others, are the ones claiming to be bullied. The student spit on, cursed at or punched by hooligans is not the artsy lesbian with piercings and tattoos. It’s the Christian girl who quietly decided to opt out of the LBGT rally. The still greater irony is that the very assholes who endowed these delinquents with their sense of entitlement are the very same people whose resignations they are now demanding!

The PC chickens have finally come home to roost at the original scene of the crime. Ultimately, what you are watching is the ugly death of the American college. First and foremost it no longer offers education. It does not even offer an environment conducive to exploring ideas on your own, either. Hell, you can’t even get laid in college anymore without a signed contract. Well, not unless you’re OK with being accused of sexual assault by an angry ex a few weeks later and ready to face prosecution, guilty until proven innocent.

On top of all of this, the cost of this dangerous and degrading experience is increasingly exorbitant. To paraphrase Matt Damon in “Goodwill Hunting,” you’re much better off getting a library card. Or perhaps enrolling in an online course where you can get a degree for a fraction of the cost and considerably less hassle. You’ll also miss out on a heavy dosage of leftist brainwashing which has long been the primary function of academia in this country. And that is precisely why I predict that this “free college” initiative from the Left will soon be the central item of the Democratic Party’s platform. Their survival as a party may well depend upon it. Because we’ve given them unilateral control of education and they have utterly destroyed it, and because without the college campus there will be no one to train the next generation to vote for them. The cost of the atrocious product now being offered simply is not sustainable anymore, which is precisely why they will need to make it free, if not mandatory.

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