Americans Reject Obama/Clinton Anti-White Agenda, Dems in Disarray

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In 2008 America had descended into social chaos. A thoroughly broken immigration system had led to a massive shift in the country’s demographics. Our greatest strength as a society, the intact mother-father household, had been relegated from the ideal standard to merely one of many (and often times bizarre or perverse) configurations.

Two generations of educated adults had been funneled through indoctrination camps masquerading as educational institutions. Americans as a whole were generally disoriented, broken and largely dysfunctional. The younger half of the country had fully embraced a radically anti-American worldview informed by the values of political correctness. In other words, the country had become everything the secular progressives had dreamed it could be—and more.

On top of all this, the country had just sat through eight years of a failed Republican presidency that crescendoed into a massive economic collapse. The individuals represented by these disturbing social trend lines would come to be known as the Obama coalition, and they would easily carry him to victory in not only 2008 but 2012 as well. But it was a victory secured decades earlier by the party which would come to worship him as their figurehead.

During the 50's, 60's and 70's the Democratic Party cleverly snatched up all the figurative stock on non-traditional, particularly non-white Americans. After securing these various demographic- religious- and behavior- based groups, they then set out to grow them from proverbial “penny stocks" into substantial voting blocks, whilst simultaneously devaluing the stock of the white, Judeo-Christian peoples once known simply as Americans.

Affirmative action policies, originally designed to specifically address the unique and real plight of African Americans, evolved into a blank handout check for anyone not white or male. Immigration policies and attitudes were reorganized away from prioritizing assimilation and productivity, instead placing value on immigrants who increased "diversity." Our national history and moral identity was cast aside and we embraced the concept of multiculturalism as being the singularly supreme purpose of our country. The god of multiculturalism condemned the audacity of our achievements and commanded us to endlessly repent in hopes of someday atoning for our inherent white guilt. It would inform us to actively encourage the celebration and recognition of any and all ethnic or cultural identities save those of white Europeans.

White European cultural pride received an exclusive, lifetime ban from our new diversity-centric society, and anyone who pushed back on these rules was swiftly branded a white supremacist. The freedom to openly celebrate cultural identity became the first of many privileges granted to the Left’s newly founded protected victim groups in exchange for political support. This would prove to be just the beginning of what would become a fifty-plus-year campaign to demonize and marginalize whites in their own countries.

Ironically for the do-good white voters who supported Obama out of the unspoken promise that he would forever pardon them of their white guilt, he would go on to do just the opposite. Anyone that voted for Obama in hopes of a post-racial America was proven to be wildly naive. He did not offer up his presidency to Americans of all colors as irrefutable proof that we had overcome the racial tension of our past. Instead, Obama and his race-crazed cabinet of militant, black power thugs like Eric Holder would end up driving race relations back into the 50s and 60s.

Rather than attempting to address alarming trends from the African-American community he called home, he and his politically charged DOJ shamelessly cited their appalling violent crime rates as an excuse to finger and frisk law enforcement about phantom racial biases. By routinely siding with criminals in high profile altercations that demanded police intervention, he helped foster a climate of hostility and distrust towards law enforcement that led to the murder of several police officers. He also routinely covered for Muslim extremists in the wake of horrific terrorist attacks; and the administration was often caught red-handed attempting to conceal blatant religious motivations from the public.

When pushed on these issues he responded with disgust, routinely lecturing Christians and shifting the conversation to gun control. In the Middle East he intervened against a strong, incumbent Prime Minister of our historical ally Israel whilst simultaneously attempting to cozy up with Iran, a nation that continues to call for their (and our) destruction.

Obama's legacy and actions are hard to fathom when viewed through the prism of a president attempting to advance American interests at home and abroad. Only when we view his presidency through the lens of a man attempting to undermine, dismantle and disrupt our way of life, does it begin to make sense.

Clearly, Obama's strategy was to utilize the bully pulpit like a crow bar, jam it into our national fabric and expand the various demographic, behavioral and ideological trends that led to his election. He and his party's singular focus is to poke holes into America until she is impossible to keep afloat and we are forced to abandon ship and accept a life trapped in the life jackets of socialism.

Over time, as the demographics continued to shift in favor of the Democrats, it would become increasingly difficult, if not impossible, for a Republican (at least what we currently understand a Republican to be) to ever reclaim the White House. The Left was so committed to this strategy that they accepted the idea of a permanently Republican Congress as a necessary and acceptable loss in order to push forward on their long game. Obama and his party sat back and watched as Republicans regained the Senate as well as a near 2-to-1 advantage in governorships without ever entertaining a course correction. Just the opposite, weeks after losing a mid-term wave election centered largely on immigration, he doubled down on the topic and openly defied the American people by unilaterally issuing an executive order granting amnesty to millions of illegals. Ultimately they theorized that these elements of our government, like the white working class voters that placed them into power, would prove to be irrelevant.

Presidents you see, appoint Supreme Court Justices, and a permanently Democratic executive branch would in time lead to a permanently liberal judiciary branch as well. They would then use these two branches to govern the American people like a vice grip, issuing increasingly dictatorial executive orders that would all inevitably be rubber-stamped by a radically progressive Supreme Court. In this scenario, individuals, states and even Congress are at the mercy of tyrannical presidents and the activist judges they appoint.

The Democratic Party abandoned Middle America and their blue-collar base in favor of national identity politics and the third-world peasants they recruited to vote them out of existence. They took a calculated risk that the influx of new, non-traditional voters eager to vote big government that flooded into the electorate as a result of their policies would offset the inevitable "white flight" out of their coalition.

Because Obama did such a masterful job of puncturing the dam, perpetuating social chaos and galvanizing minorities against whites, he can't be blamed for their recent defeat. The failure came in his party’s severe miscalculation in ignoring all of the red flags and insisting on trying to ram Hillary Clinton down the throats of American voters who ultimately did not care for her. Lost in the media's obsession with demonstrating how the 58% of white Americans who supported Trump were doing so entirely out of racism, was the fact that race might have had something to do with the 90+% support Obama enjoyed from the African American community. You see, it turns out that brown people just don't vote with the same enthusiasm for a privileged white woman lecturing them on social issues as they would for Barack Obama.

As I predicted in 2014, Hillary was caught in the unenviable position of attempting to pick up new, working-class white voters while simultaneously demonizing them to the urban communities she sought to keep energized. Ultimately, Clinton was done in by the fact that she failed to offer any new voters to offset the loss of Obama’s home court advantage with minorities. In the end the only people who were truly excited about Hillary’s candidacy were lesbians and academics, most of whom had already voted twice for Obama.

Had Hillary won, the Left likely would have succeeded in finalizing their end game, but due to an unlikely twist of fate the pendulum now swings in the opposite direction.

Trump was a deeply flawed candidate with a maddening talent for unforced errors. But he was also bold, refreshing, and distinctly American. He provided a clear contrast between not only Democrats but many Republicans, on the issues that mattered most to the American people. These weren’t the typical identity politics-based issues that the media consistently told us would define the election. These were real, meat-and-potatoes issues like immigration, jobs and law & order.

Ironically, after decades of crying wolf about the sexism, racism and homophobia of Mormon boy scouts like Mitt Romney or esteemed POWs like John McCain. the media finally got some real material from Trump. But they had squandered their credibility, and their standard shenanigans ultimately fell flat on independent voters who broke heavily for Trump.

Earlier in the year I wrote that whichever party won this election would be in a strong position to bury their opponent for a solid decade or two. If Hillary won it would be because the gravity of the entitlement class would prove too large to keep the country from sinking into communism. If however, she managed to lose, so much of what the Lefthas accomplished collapses like a house of cards. Despite being the dominant party of the past decade, the Democratic Party’s power base has grown incredibly hollow and their intellectual vigor has largely atrophied from lack of use. They preside over a laughably narrow and largely irrelevant platform consisting of nonsense like transgender restrooms and “sanctuary cities.” Ideas that require figures of authority to lecture citizens into submission on—figures of authority that are now few and far between.

There is no bench of rising stars eager to lead them into the future because an entire generation of would-be Democratic leaders had their careers aborted prematurely during the two mid-term massacres. Republicans now have twice as many Governors, as well as majorities in both Congress and the Senate. Now that conservatives have the crowning jewel of a Republican president, the party is the strongest it has been in nearly a century.

Sure, the Left still controls academia, and late-night television is still littered with talentless SJWs, but the customers had already started walking out before Trump’s election. It will also prove more difficult for them to continue to politicize their classrooms and TV programs so heavily without having a president routinely calling into their award ceremonies to remind the audience about victim-feminism.

Beyond representation in the government, conservative dominance exists on all levels from grass roots organization all the way down to the individuals that make up the movements. Leftists have relied on their ability to censor opposing views rather than confronting them for so long that most have lost the ability to debate conservatives with any level of maturity. Meanwhile, after decades of suppression and ridicule, everydayconservatives are fundamentally sharper if for no other reason than they've been forced to become so. The Left's entire playbook was built around their ability to play with a lead, and now it remains to be seen how effective they will be at playing from behind, as they most certainly will be for the next four years.

A few months ago it looked like Scalia's replacement would be selected by Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Today we know that Donald Trump will be the one replacing not only him but likely at least one of the three left-leaning justices north of seventy-eight. Furthermore, because the vast majority of Obama's “accomplishments” were achieved without consensus and by circumventing Congress, they are largely reversible with the stroke of a pen.

The Democrats were dealt a strong hand and a favorable flop. They went for the kill; they were “all in.” Sometimes in life as in poker, luck beats strategy. It all looked good for the Democrats going into the final card but somehow, perhaps by the grace of God, America was bailed out “on the river.” For eight long years the secular progressives looked down contemptuously upon a working class of Americans who were largely powerless to intervene as they inflicted their various sociological experiments upon the country. In a supremely fitting twist of poetic justice these very same elites will now be forced to sit back and watch in sheer horror as we MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

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