Renowned Fake News Source NYT Features Disturbing Op-Ed Calling For Electoral Revolt

Yesterday renowned fake news source "The New York Times," who were recently caught accusing of being a "birther site" released a laughable yet disturbing op-ed from an alleged presidential elector tasked with assigning electoral votes for the state of Texas. The article's author "Christopher Suprun" cites a litany of debunked myths about PRESIDENT ELECT DONALD TRUMP to justify his alleged decision to betray the will of American people and our constitutionally mandated electoral process. He then encourages other presidential electors to do the same.

Rather than fulfill their obligation to the uphold the will of the people, Suprun suggests rallying around an "honorable and competent" person like John Kasich. The article features numerous dubious claims, most notably that he is a Republican, a claim which would appear to contradict his appetite for liberal talking points and his support for a RINO like Kasich. Most importantly, this assertion is contradicted by his belief that his "duty" is to save the American people from their will, rather than represent it. The belief that democracy is only relevant when it reaches the same conclusion as the elite is an example of secular progressivism, the antithesis of conservatism. Underscoring the humor of his diatribe is his seemingly irrelevant need to mention how excited he is to bring his children to see "Rogue One," the latest in the new line of "Star Wars" movies created by and for SJWs. Countless examples of virtue signaling like this undermine both the author and article's credibilty. On December 19th the electoral college will convene and cast their votes for President. Their actions will also confirm whether the NYT articles was accurate or yet another of countless fake stories created by the left leaning publication.

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