Can You Hear Us Now?

Well…..FINALLY…..FINALLY…..a democrat, in the wake of all of the post election caterwauling (bet you didn’t think I could apply THAT word, didja?), has identified EXACTLY why Hillary lost the election…..well, let’s say the key reason; in the end she was a lying criminal, everyone knew she was a lying criminal, and though she was present in a lot of roles, like Obama she had never really done shit.

In this article from the associated press, an organization that has long since been compromised by and or with the left, the author identifies correctly why Obamas’ presidency was bad for the nation, great for Obama and HORRIBLE for his party. The upshot? Since Obama has been President his party has taken a shellacking at EVERY SINGLE level, from state houses, thru governorships, into congress, and Obama is to blame.

And here is the meat of it. The quote below goes EXACTLY to why Hillary, seen as Obama on steroids by the electorate was only appealing to California, long a hotbed of leftist utopia, and New York, equally as long a hotbed of anti-American sentiment in the midst of the American dream. This explains why, in literal terms, the adults of this nation were not willing to give the nation over to the whims and ideals of a younger (sometimes), in-experienced, poorly educated, wholly fantastical generation that believes in unicorns, the magic money tree, and thinks that somehow multiculturalism is a real thing, and that repeated failure is merely a step towards ultimate….failure. Right here….this quote about Obama, and by extension, the left in general.

"The backlash to the Obama presidency was perhaps bigger than any of us really realized," said Simon Rosenberg, president of the New Democratic Network, a Democratic think tank. "A lot of the story of this election was people feeling like the culture was evolving in a way that made it feel like they were no longer living in the country they grew up in."

What more do you want to know? A candidate, successful in business, leadership, and accomplishments, led the charge to prevent the liberal dream of making the United States into something that has never existed, and certainly cannot exist through the machinations of the modern democrats and their moronic masses.

“The backlash to the Obama presidency was perhaps bigger than any of us realized”. That is an incredible admission, as you lose over 1000 local, state and congressional seats…..that you didn’t “realize” the backlash was bigger. As half or more of the nation resisted your transformation, you didn’t “realize” the backlash. As you did through executive order what the elected representatives of the people would not do TOO the people, you didn’t “realize”. Well, you had eight years not to realize.

Can you hear us now?

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