CNN's Ana Navarro Receives 4 Pinocchios For Forceful Assertion that America Belongs to Illegal I

CNN's chief straw man Republican pundit Ana Navarro had a testy exchange with former GOP Senator Rick Santorum during a recent episode of "The Messy Truth With Van Jones." The clip begins with a young, undocumented immigrant named Elizabeth Vilchis who begins her question with a 30 second, self congratulatory story about how she managed to become a mechanical engineer in a country where she has been residing illegally since the age of 7. After presenting what would appear to be a remarkable and unlikely gift as though this somehow entitles her to citizenship she asks Senator Santorum to offer her advice now that America has elected someone who has promised to enforce sane and orderly immigration policies. Senator Santorum graciously offers his sympathy and shares a personal story of how his own relatives patiently survived Mussolini's Italy in order to legally come to the United States in an effort to humanely explain to her the necessity of the rule of law. At this point Navarro, who strongly supported Jeb Bush during the Republican primary, becomes noticeably unhinged and interjects that "First of all, this is your country. No matter what he says to you." Our fact checkers gave this statement 4 Pinocchios determining that it is entirely false with zero basis in reality. U.S. citizenship is reserved for residents born in the United States or who immigrated here legally. Furthermore, because Ms. Navarro holds no elected office she would appear to have zero business attempting to alter American immigration policies. When last we checked, political pundits had no authority to grant citizenship to people here illegally. Due to the reckless and irresponsible nature of Ms. Navarro's commentary we can only hope that Ms. Vilchis elected to embrace Mr. Santorum's more accurate advice instead.

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