Nut Jobs, Uncle Toms, Racists’ and the Alt-Right. Names Liberals Call Normal People

Remember when you were a young child in school? The middle and High School years were full of many good and decent people, but there was always the bully. The bully would pick on you and call you names. Unfortunately, this type of behavior that you’d expect from a bully has entered our everyday life through politics. Politics is good in the sense that everyday people can openly engage in current events and civics in America; but what if the person you are engaging in discussion with is a bully? Can we as Americans really have a decent discussion when the opposition is shouted down and being called names?

The recent election brought out the worst in people. Liberals showed their true colors in the sense that they did not want to debate. They did not want to have a discussion. Their opinion is the only opinion that matters. A Conservative can and should walk away from a political discussion immediately when they have been called a racist, homophobe, or sexist because this is the first sign you have won a debate or conversation with a Liberal.

Nearly 63 Million Americans voted for the President-Elect Donald Trump, and the Main Stream Media and Liberals would like you to believe that every one of those people is a member of the Alt-Right (A term Liberals use to describe racist white nationalists). We can be sure that not every vote Trump received was from a White American. We can be sure of this because Donald Trump fared better among African Americans, and Hispanics than Romney did in 2012.

But what if you were a Black American sick of voting for Democrats who have continually failed you by breaking promise after promise, and you voted for Trump? Then the Left would label you an Uncle Tom. What if you were a Gay American who loves their Country and did not like the direction it was going so you voted for Trump? You’d be labeled a person who hates themselves and you would have been destroyed by people on the left just for challenging their status quo. The main objective of the left is to divide and conquer the races, the classes, and the genders. When you hear a Conservative describe people, they describe them as an American. Not as an African American, a Latino, or a LGBTQ. Conservatives don’t label people because there is no need to. Conservatives want all Americans to succeed and achieve in this great Country.

Somehow the Democratic Party forgot about everyday normal Americans. They were too focused on putting everyone into different labeled groups and trying to appease those groups. The problem is that every day Americans don’t care what label or group they are in. They care about having a decent job, an economy that is moving up not down, the right to bear arms, and the right to speak open and freely without their character being called into question. These are good and decent people who love America and all it has to offer. These are not racists, sexists or deplorable people. These are Americans, and they just beat the bully and took back their Country.

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