Obama's Politicized CIA Continues Pattern of Attempting to Influence U.S. Elections

"So you're saying there's a chance."

In 2012, Obama's CIA was caught red handed issuing false talking points seeking to blame the terrorist attack on Benghazi on a YouTube video. We now understand that the attack, which occurred on the 10-year anniversary of the original 9/11 attacks were far from a "spontaneous demonstration" as was repeatedly pushed by the administration.

The ongoing probe into Benghazi uncovered countless layers of corruption, mismanagement, carelessness and deception. Deception that we now know was deliberate thanks to the revelation that Hillary Clinton correctly labeled the event as a planned terrorist attacks in private emails to friends and family days prior to coming out with the now debunked talking points. The motivation behind the deception appears to have been two-fold. Obviously, as an administration guided by political correctness finding reasons to blame traditional Americans and Western Civilization is the de facto response to any crisis, including lethal terrorist attacks. As such, the fantastical narrative that the attacks were caused by an Islamophobic YouTube video likely proved to be just too exciting for many mid and low level operatives to push back against. However, while mid and low level operatives are responsible for vetting narratives they are not the ones who create them. A narrative like this which flies in the face of both overwhelming evidence and common sense must have come from the top. In the middle of a re-election bid the brutal attack directly contradicted the Obama administrations assertion that global terrorism was in remission. This reality would seem to suggest a much more sinister motivation for the false talking points. They were fabricated to help President Obama secure a second term. Now, four years later the same Obama CIA appears to be at it again. This time however, the election has already occurred and they have lost. Desperate to cling to their power the Democrats have spent the past month working behind the scenes on a myriad of last ditch efforts to change an outcome already determined by our electoral process. For his part, Obama has done an effective job portraying his respect for the election, going out of his way to demonstrate his magnanimous nature by showing President Elect Trump around the White House. And yet now he has asked for a full report on the alleged Russian hacks into the same DNC emails we now know were compromised by their candidates’ illegal use of a private server. Marking the matter highly urgent, he has reportedly requested a report be filed in just a few days, presumably so that they could be reviewed by the electoral college before casting their official votes on December 19th.

All of this done with the same phony spirit of transparency that led progressive darling, Jill Stein to organize fruitless recounts in all the swing states Trump won but none that he lost. Democratic talking points are now requesting that "all the cards be on the table" and are encouraging delegates to "vote their conscience." While few have the courage to voice their desire to see the results overturned, their motivations are revealed by their highly unrealistic timetable and ambiguous rhetoric. During the Obama years, we witnessed the politicizing of the IRS, DOJ and even our CIA. Now that the predictably fruitless recount efforts wind down, they are seamlessly transitioning into their next round of shenanigans, a series of whisper campaigns about rogue electoral delegates, popular vote totals and Russian interference. While their measured tone suggests that they recognize these efforts as long shot maneuvers, it is abundantly clear that the Clinton campaign and Democratic party apparatus is still actively exploring any angle, no matter how obscure, that just might save them from reality. And with just a few weeks left in office, it appears that Obama is still intent on using the power of the bully pulpit to help his party maintain their power. Believe it or not, countries and leadership having interest in foreign elections really is not such a noteworthy event. As recently as 2014 in fact, President Obama was himself caught red handed trying to block the re-election of Israeli Prime Minister, Bibi Netanyahu. In the U.K. parliament progressives sought to influence American voters by proposing a ban on Donald Trump. After eight years of dealing with Obama's suspicious leadership, Vladimir Putin apparently favored the idea of dealing with a pro American business tycoon than a saber-rattling feminist. Is the revelation that Russian hackers may have sought to cause mischief after intercepting embarrassing DNC emails that their own candidate chose to send through a substantially less secure private server really that big of a deal? All breaches of security should be investigated but certainly not on a timetable expedited for political reasons and certainly not under the supervision of a historically corrupt lame duck administration currently being pried out of the White House. Months after Donald Trump was "disqualified" from the presidency for refusing to promise to accept the results of the election, the very same progressives who mocked his callous response are still refusing to come to terms with the defeat of Hillary Clinton. The irony might be lost on them but it surely is not lost on President Elect Trump or his supporters.

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