Trump Meets With Kanye West

This morning at Trump Tower in New York, out spoken musician and husband of Kim Kardashian, Kanye West met with Donald Trump. This meeting was not known to be taking place until West arrived at Trump Tower and was immediately bombarded with questions from the Press as to why he was there.

Trump and West both exited the elevator together to hold a short press conference in which Trump stated, “This is a good guy, we’ve been friends for a long time.” West jokingly stated, “I just wanted to get a picture with him.” Shortly after West went in for a handshake and half hug with Trump.

Liberals heads are sure to be exploding across the Country today as Trump continues to play their game better than they do. Democrats are known for calling on Hollywood to boost their appeal to millennials and minorities. During the final weeks of the 2016 Campaign, Hillary Clinton called on Jay-Z , Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Bruce Springsteen among many others (at a hefty price) in an attempt to appeal to younger voters.

Since Trump entered the race for President, he has had the media and democrats at a loss for words. He has called them out for what they are; biased and corrupt willing to do anything to achieve what their vision of America is. The entire race the Main Stream Media and Democrats labeled Trump a Racist even though he has been in the public eye for nearly four decades and not once was called a racist until he ran for President.

Considering how lovingly the media portrayed the Obama's friendly relationships with degenerate R & B artists you'd expect them to applaud Trump for meeting with someone like Kanye West. Ironically, they're doing just the opposite as many in the MSM are already dismissing the meeting as a publicity stunt. The Media cares because he’s playing them like a fiddle. In Trump, conservatives appear have a leader who is willing and able to take both Democrats and mainstream media to task. Not only is he playing their game, he’s beating them.

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