MTV Celebrates the Holidays by Insulting White Men

MTV, the network best known for cringe worthy reality TV masterpieces such as "Teen Mom" and not showing music has a holiday message for white men--and its not to have a Merry Christmas.

In a remarkably offensive video released earlier in the week entitled "2017 Resolutions for White Guys" a myriad of SJWs issue insults and orders to white men. The resolutions cover a wide range of topics from politics to personal and are all designed to discourage white men from daring to resist political correctness.

The video also offers Kanye West to white men, presumably because of his recent support of President Elect Donald Trump.

The message is clear. If you simply have to be a white man you had better get in line with the SJW agenda. Furthermore, if you happen to be a minority like Kanye West you'd also better remember who you belong to lest you risk being stripped of your protected victim status.

The network, which has a long history of promoting hatred of white men did not respond to our inquiry.

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