To think that any American would ever except a politician promising a Socialist Society in America, is absurd. Our freedom isn't just the obvious, it's freedom to decide what we want. What we want to purchase. What we need help with.

A country, created because of over taxation, over reach by government and the constant limiting of our natural born rights and freedoms, will reject any effort to restore what our founding fathers fought against. It's the exact reason America consistently turns down a Socialist for any office higher than a Senator.

There is a reason Senator Bernie Sanders has not been voted Senate Majority Leader. Democrats exist because of Socialism. Democrats are a watered down version of Socialist and can be controlled, so long as the rules aren't changed.

With that being said, Establishment Republicans are the worst offenders of it, which is why "we" chose Trump over Jeb Bush and a dozen other establishment candidates.

I guess "doing the right thing" is a matter of perspective. It is said "Trump is filling his cabinet with the very people who corrupted the system." What system are we talking about? This very system created by career politicians like the Clinton's, Bushes and yes, Bernie Sanders?

The American voter "drained the swamp", Trump will finish it. Voters all around the world are beginning to drain the swamp as well. Drain the swamp was not a referendum on the republicans or democrats, it was a referendum on the establishment in both parties, we have had it with career politicians. Plain and Simple.

This is not an American thing, it's worldwide. The world is not laughing at us, they are following our lead. They are looking for our leadership, something they missed over the last 8 years.

Frances far-right National Front Leader Marion Marechal-Le Pen, 26, is the fresh-faced rising star of the French Conservative Movement. Like her strong conservative aunt, party leader Marine Le Pen, she stands tough on immigration and Muslim migration from countries like Syria.

The liberal left in every country will spin this as islamaphobia and racism and all it is, is pride in their culture and wanting new-comers to embrace it. Why shouldn't immigrants conform to another countries culture and way of life?

After Great Britain left the European Union, (Brexit) the Prime Minister David Cameron heard the voice of his people and stepped down. Leader of the Conservative Party, Theresa May took over and their citizens are excited. By doing this, they refused "Open Borders". They refused a one government, Globalist System. They refused to give up their sovereignty and freedom to an entire continent of nations that don't have the British people's best interest at heart and in mind.

Italy's Liberal/Globalist Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, proposed legislation that would reduce the power of the upper house of the Italian Parliament, the Senate (Senato), by cutting its numbers from 315 to 100. By turning their congress into a consultative assembly, they are essentially eliminating the checks and balances that avoid one branch of government from gaining all the power.

Proponents of the referendum said that the goal was to make the job of governing Italy less complicated and reforms would help revive the nation's lethargic economy. However, critics claimed the reforms would impact the constitution's checks and balances.

This a prime example of an over-reach by big government, and the sole reason for the rise of The Conservative "5 Star Movement." When his proposed legislation was overwhelmingly shot down, 70% turn out with 60% voting "No" on December 5th, he heard the voice of his people and resigned, effective 12/12/2016.

The Problem is they replaced him with another Democrat, who is another Globalist. The only positive coming from this is, he's known for being a centrist. Maybe he will work with the other side otherwise another resignation is in store.

In coming months, you will see Belgium follow suit. Over the next 24 months the world will see as many as four more European Nations leave the European Union. This is a referendum on big government, slow growth economies, high unemployment, over taxation, economic crisis, the growth of terrorism, unsecured borders and failing infrastructures.

Government has two purposes; Protect its citizens from threats, foreign and domestic and infrastructure. Why did they fail to do any of this? They stopped prioritizing the very people they serve. Almost a decade later, finally, a majority of the voters in 2008 get to see what "Hope and change" looks like. This change in the political winds will benefit everyone.

Democrats are so distraught they lost multiple major elections across the country, they are spreading lies accusing President Trump of lying to his supporters by filling his cabinet with swamp regulars, that caused today's current problems.

Yes the people Trump has nominated, have worked in public life for multiple decades. Most of which are military or law enforcement, we approved it all along. So where's the lie? Or better yet, how are we "being played?"

The rest of President Donald J Trumps nominations are being nominated because of their strong stance on certain over-reaches and lack of action, by certain government agencies like the EPA, IRS, ICE and Border Patrol, Department of Education, Department of Health and Human Services.

I don't pretend that President Trump will be perfect. I will however write off voting differently in 4 years, if his promise to me is kept. I will not, allow staunch critics of President Donald J Trumps, decide what that promise(s) is.

With that being said, I think democrats are some of the smartest people I have ever met. I think their knowledge on their side of politics is out of this world. They are really good at tricking their supporters. They are experts at convincing their supporters, the math does not matter.

I feel the liberal left don't understand guys like me and automatically write off anyone with an "R" in front of their name. Uniting a nation must and should include the other side. The math must add up. Feel-good politics should end.

Passing The Affordable Care Act would not be an example of that. Changing the Senate Rules to create the "Nuclear Option" so you can pass that bill without opposition approval, opinion and support would not be an example of that.

Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich working with Bill Clinton on welfare reform would be a nice example. Democrats working in Ronald Reagan's Cabinet would be an example.

Republicans and Democrats coming together after 9/11 along with the American people is an example of Uniting a Nation. Republicans and Democrats uniting behind George Bush Sr. during the Gulf War is an example.

When our nation gets to a point, where we stop looking to government for all the answers and get government out of our way so "us" Americans, Democrats and Republicans, can come together and unite, we solve our problems together in the private sector. We will all prosper, if the people sent to Washington to represent us, had as much faith in our abilities as we do, America will never be doubted again around the world.

Prosperity, innovation and foresight did not come from government. It's because of that prosperity, innovation and foresight that government exist. It is as good a time as any, that government and politicians learn it's place. Every now and then, they and their supporters need to be reminded.

We will set the example across the world, if we would only trust our citizens, the need for government will cease to exist in its current form, bloated, too powerful and out of control.

I want that shinning city on a shiny hill. I want that American Citizen, that has an undying loyalty to The United States of America. I want this country to be that place where families left the motherland for an opportunity to survive and thrive. I want a nation of people that respect our laws and nation that enforces it.

Right now it's the politicians telling us religion is the problem. It's the politicians telling us it's the Free Market that is the problem. It's the politicians telling us Capitalism is the problem. It's the politicians who are benefiting the most and exploiting these very things they say are destroying our society. If only the government was small. They would serve us again.

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