Conservative Women on Average 2-3 Points More Attractive Than Liberal Women, Studies Show

A recent study of physical attractiveness in women revealed that conservative women rated on average nearly 4 points higher than their progressive counterparts. But that’s not all—When celebrities were removed from the study the margin approached 5 points, essentially doubling the original results. It’s been theorized that some key difference between conservative and progressive women are how they interact with men as well as personal hygiene/upkeep. Conservative women tend to seek out healthy relationships with men, form families and take care of themselves. 93% of progressive women on the other hand described their relationships with men as “non-existent” or “I hate men.” They also lead substantially more sedentary lives than their conservative counterparts while simultaneously being 300% less likely to shower on a regular basis. Add all that up and it’s not even close.

However, some were critical of the study because it included women like Rachel Maddow, who chose to be identified as men in the results which negatively skewed the results against liberal women. Supporters of the study were quick to respond, stating that if they’d removed women who identified as men they would have been forced to replace them with men who identified as women—which would have only exacerbated the margins.

The study also came under fire for including progressive college professors from Massachusetts—whom many have argued are actually a separate, androgynous species of feminist hambeasts.

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