I Could Have Won, I Could Have Been Somebody

I think we all know now, more than ever before, that Barack Obama will be the gift that keeps on giving. Sort of like one of those chia pets, or baby seahorses…….all talk….no do. He still has an exit interview to do with CNN….you know, part of the farewell tour that ALSO never keeps on giving (pray to GOD that he doesn’t do a reunion tour in a few years….you know, getting the band back together). Sort of like a herpes blister that appears every 30-45 days, Obama insists on being a lifelong reminder of two drunken nights that seemed like a good idea at the time.

In an excerpt from the interview Obama tells Pravda (CNN) that, had he run for President again that he was confident that he could have won, could have beat Trump, that he had changed the culture enough that had he had another term to explain the details of his over throw of the nation, people would have won re-election. Luckily I had swallowed all of my lunch because I would CERTAINLY be re-doing the drywall in my dining room….maybe replacing my computer monitor…because I almost hurled.

How can you be SO disconnected to sit there and think that your party has lost over 1000 seats, offices, governorships, congressional positions under your reign and believe that November 8th was not merely a repudiation of your hand picked successor, but of you? How can you hear the angst of the people that you lied too about government health care and think that you could be re-elected. The loss of jobs, the shitty economy, the threats to national security that you allowed to blossom unabated (and even encouraged in Iran), a foreign policy that crapped on our allies AND us……..would you campaign on those “successes”? Exactly WHAT would make you think that those were winning positions?

And as for the culture changing…..didn’t November show you that it had not, that YOU were forcing change that the majority of us didn’t want? Somebody call the doctor, preferably a shrink, because the man is psychotic.

In the end, Obama will never accept what true Americans know inherently; that the culture didn’t shift, it was shoved, that the GOP didn’t sabotage his goals, that people themselves disagreed with him on his goals when they realized the difference in what he said and what he did, that unity was based on agreement with Obama, a charlatan of the highest order. His condescending tone as he spoke down to hardworking Americans, saying his resonant “that is not who we are” demonstrated that in every instance with Obama, it was he against America.

He was an inexperienced, poorly performing, socially inept, historically ignorant American posing as a messianic reformer, that he and he alone could lead America to its’ intended greatness, and that he and he alone actually understood what that greatness was. His “signature achievements”; health care, climate change, appeasement of the greatest threats to western civilization were built on lies, fantasy and naievete. His dedication to multi-culturalism insisted that the US, for all of its’ good and contributions in history be seen as no better than Yemen, that the nation that put a man on the moon is on equal footing as a nation breeding terrorism through people that live in caves. His failure to grasp the geopolitics of the era made him a rookie on the world stage, emboldening Iran, Russia,China and that perennial comic book nation of North Korea.. His insistence on government as the answer to all ailments was proof of his immaturity and inexperience and put thousands out of work with no plan to bring them back into the fold. His playing of social favorites successfully re-birthed the racial animus that thousands of people and billions of dollars have gone towards alleviating. In the end the very people that worshipped him watched their positions in life and society grew worse as he threw gasoline on fires in America and overseas.

Ultimately Barrack Obama, regardless of location of birth, was the least American of all American Presidents. Carter damaged America through ineptitude, Obama did it through design. He will always have his defenders, but then again he comes through a party that worshiped Castro and Guevarra.

Obama’s arrogance will not allow him to admit a basic truth…..what little chance he has at a marginally crappy legacy is based on the glorious reality that he could not have run against Trump and won…..because too many Americans now see him for what he is....a bumbling, racist Charlatan. By voting for Trump Americans stopped Obama, whether in the form of his successor, the corrupt Hillary Clinton, or in the form of Obama himself. But certainly, only Obama could think he could win another election when the nation told him that he should not have won any.

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