Liberals on a Plane

This thing with these two deviants on Jet Blue planning and accosting Ivanka Trump, berating her about how her father (who will not be the President for another few weeks) is ruining our country, brings something to mind.

And forget that the media called it an assault; that is what the media does for headlines…..if you disagree with someones’ opinion, you are “assaulting” them. These are people that don’t have a CLUE to assault. Assault is a liberal beating a Trump supporters ass when that Trump supporter disagrees with them. What the two clowns on a plane endured was not an assault… a matter of fact, it was nothing.

And forget that they put their shit out on twitter.

And forget that the year 2016 put on full display that this is the sort of things that the infantile liberals do, it is as natural to them as voter fraud.

Forget all of that and ask yourself “who does shit like that?” I mean, seriously, where did frick and frack, and their libtard friends get the idea that approaching another person on an airplane and giving them shit, is proper behavior? Do they just decide that they disagree with the person and leap in their shit because they have no governor on childish behavior? And it makes me look at what has happened in this nation over the past few years and wonder….who teaches these people how to behave? Who teaches denizens of the inner cities that a gunfight is a solution to perceived disrespect? Who teaches people that flooding the highway and blocking traffic because you believe in the police war on blacks is a real thing? Who teaches these people to yell at others merely for a disagreement? What goes wrong in these peoples brain when they vote for the very things that work against them? Who teaches them?

And it would be comforting to say that it is a lack of parents, and in a lot of cases it is…..children who do not know half of their DNA donors, or if they do they don’t have any contact, can’t tell you where he works…..but I am fearful that it is also, increasingly people WITH parents. Lena Dunham has parents, Michael Moore has parents, they are both dumbasses with nothing to contribute. Rosie O’ Donnell has parents, John Podesta has parents, Harry Reid had parents, yet they all act like the were raised as trash. These are people that have no on / off switches on their behavior, on their comments…….on their thoughts process.

If Ivanka Trump had retaliated the media would make sure that the world knew it.

For that matter, what makes the media think some of the shit they say and support is appropriate?

I live for the day some racist, leftist pops off at me on a plane, and I fly a lot. I will make and break the internet in a single moment. But they can really make me happy if they come to my home talking shit….

….I’ll leave the door unlocked and the light on.

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