Topless Lena Dunham Causes Man to Vomit

STOP THE PRESSES!!! I mean, stop them, let no more be printed…because somewhere there is a picture of the disgusting Lena Dunham, dressed as a mermaid…..TOPLESS!!! And frankly nobody needs to see that shit.…/lena-dunhams-goes-topless-for-biza…

Lena Dunham, topless. I guess Rosie, Joy Behar, Samantha Bee and Amy Schumer were busy that day.

I mean…”Gaaaack”.

And before you feminists start on me about the beauty of the female body, shut your pie holes. I am a man and I don’t go without a shirt…..BECAUSE I AM UGLY! When I was in super shape, in the gym daily, watching my intake, running marathons, I STILL didn’t go without a shirt…because nobody needs to see that crap. God was at the very top of his game when he punished Adam and Eve by allowing them to see their own nakedness and therefore to develop CLOTHING!!!!

Naked is cute on a baby, and that is about it.

And when you are a borderline retarded, no talent, fake rape accusing, brain addled bitch, about 30 lbs to the plus of plus sizes…..nobody wants to see it.

Now, if I have offended someone, OUTSTANDING, because hopefully you will keep your ass covered from this point on. For all of the Lena Dunhams of the world I have two elements of advice…….first, keep your mouth shut because nobody wants to hear your shit. And if you must show your disgusting ass off, then stay dressed and head to your local Walmart; they will welcome you there with open arms.

Now, carry on.

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