Megyn Kelly Bolts Fox for NBC, Conservatives Elated

Conservatives across America are collectively celebrating as news broke yesterday that Megyn Kelly’s time at FOX NEWS is over. Kelly started her cable news career at FOX nearly 12 years ago, rising to fame recently in the last few years through her primetime show "The Kelly File." Kelly's behavior during the past election cycle caused many conservatives to question her motives. Most notably, Kelly opened the Re

publican presidential debates with a highly offensive, gotcha question aimed to embarrass Donald Trump regarding comments he has made about women over the years. Unfortunately for Kelly, the attack backfired as Trump responded with the now famous "only Rosie O'Donnell" response before pivoting to attack political correctness. From then on Kelly found herself increasingly at odds with her largely conservative audience.

Kelly’s contract with FOX ends mid-January and many wondered whether FOX would retain her. Kelly made 15 Million in 2016 and reports were that she was looking for around 25 Million per year. It is well known that Kelly slept her way through virtually all of her promotions and was romantically linked to countless married men at FOX who were not her husband. Nevertheless, when Kelly's biggest supporter Roger Ailes found himself in hot water she jumped at the opportunity to turn on him by accusing him of unwanted sexual advance which she described in her recent book as an “awkward hug.” Kelly's alleged thin skin seemed to contradict her murky past and lurid appearance on Howard Stern where she spoke openly about her swinging sex life. With Ailes gone her act had seemed to wearing thin not only with her audience but her colleagues as well who increasingly complained about her manic behavior. Her confrontational nature also had reportedly placed her at odds with FOX’s top dog, Bill O’Reilly.

With details like these now widely known by her audience its not surprising that she would look for a new one. At NBC she will host a daily morning talk show, report on big news worthy events, and also host a “magazine talk show” on Sunday nights. Kelly's boyish haircuts and contrived attempts at humor will play better with NBC's more progressive, left coast audience than it did with FOX's more traditional viewers.

Sometimes break ups really can be mutual and in this case the move seems to be in the best interest of both parties and Kelly out at FOX appears to be a great example of that. For Kelly the departure represents an opportunity to distance herself from both her scandalous past an audience that had grown to despise her. For FOX and their viewers the departure represents an open prime time slot to be filled by someone more in line with their expectations and values.

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