Four Black Thugs Kidnap and Torture White Special Needs Boy

Everyone knows Chicago is the murder capital of the country but apparently young thugs have a new hobby, torturing special needs students and broadcasting it on Facebook. Earlier this week four black thugs kidnapped a special needs classmate and tortured him for four hours while screaming racially charged obscenities at him. The victim, was targeted for being both white and a Trump supporter. The thugs are believed to be avid supporters of the domestic terrorist organization "Black Lives Matter" or "BLM." The victim was beaten, stabbed and slashed against his scalp. They then used the wound as an ashtray. He was also forced to drink water from the toilet while they shouted things at him like "F*** Donald Trump, F*** white people Ni**er."

Rahm Emanuel, famous for his "pay to play" scheme and insisting that Chicago would always be a sanctuary city condemned the act but did not acknowledge the attack as a hate crime. Chicago's most reviled alleged child, Barack Obama also weighed in on the attacks stating that it spoke to "racial tension" in the country though he did not comment on the impact his repeated racial demagoguery has had in exacerbating these tensions.

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