The Failures of Obama's Feckless Foreign Policy

Obama has not kept us safe! Here is an example of the Ill-advised and inexperienced decisions he has made. President Obama has pulled all US Aircraft Carriers from sea and allowed as much as one month in between deployments of even one of The U.S.'s eleven aircraft carriers. A move that hasn't happened since WW2. He didn't end the war in Iraq, he didn't end the war in Afghanistan. He started a proxy-war in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia, with hostilities in Israel/Palestine, Egypt and Turkey. Iran and North Korea are laughing all the way to the bank. Russia stepped up and played the world leadership role, while we played politics against them.

The European Union is on the verge of collapse. Hostilities in the Balkins are at an all-time high. Everyone fears this leadership role Russia is playing, because they never seen them go any further than the Soviet Block territory. Of course we've seen the wars in Georgia and Ukraine and the military cooperation with China and India. With all this happening, the rise of ISIS, the rebuilding of Al Qaida, yes they are rebuilding, is NOW a good time to pull our Global Force For Good out of international waters? Wether there's ethnic cleansing in Sudan, Balkins and in Somalia, humanitarian relief efforts in Japan and Sri Lanka because a Sunami, or an Earth Quake in Haiti (No thanks to Clinton Foundation), Typhoons in Malaysia and Indonesia, Chinese military expansion in the South China Sea, who was the brainchild behind the irresponsible decisions....?

The United States Aircraft Carrier (The Largest of its kind in the world), its sailors, pilots and marines on board along with its Strike Group are the first to respond. There has been no greater humanitarian relief and assistance anywhere in the world like that, that comes from a Carrier Strike Group. No other man-made structure has brought about peace through strength by simple presence, like the U.S. Carrier Strike Group. The very fabric of our Foreign Policy depends on a strong leader that is ready and able to make the tough decisions that are not only necessary, but vital to the safety and security of These United States, our Ally's and the less fortunate living under tyrannical rule. At some point this President needs to understand the damage is done, he can't reverse what has been done and just be the Lame Duck he knows he is.

President Carter cut our military, Reagan rebuilt it. His Peace Through Strength agenda made possible for President George H. W. Bush to oversea the collapse of the Communist Soviet Union and the start of a not-so-perfect Democracy in Russia. It allowed him to remove, diminish and dismantle the worlds third largest military from Kuwait inside of five months. President Clinton cut our military and its funding, so while he launched his air strikes in the Balkins, similar to Obamas ISIS Strategy, our naval forces, fleet and marines were cut in half. We had to depend on our European ally's to keep Saddam in check with the no-fly-zones. We had to pass on an opportunity to take out Osama Bin Laden around the same time Clinton's Intelligence received chatter about threats on America's homeland by Al Quaida. President George W. Bush had to dismantle and send on the run Al Quaida after their successful attack on 9/11. He took out Zarqawi. He took out KSM and there was no ISIS. He took out Saddam Hussein and his sons. He removed The Taliban from power in Afghanistan. He got Gadaffi's uranium. We had civil cooperation with Russia. North Korea and Iran were virtually silent during the Bush Jr presidency. He never cut our military or spending.

Bad move Mr. President!

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