It's Not Fake News, Obama Really Did Give Himself An Award

Well, I’ll be damned. Obama DID award himself his very own Distinguished Public Service Award.…/president-obama-awards-himself-…/

The Department of Defense Distinguished Public Service Award (DPSM) is the nations highest award for distinguished service by a private citizen or foreign national (there is a joke in here about Obama qualifying in both categories as he was never really a President and the world is STILL not ready to accept that he is actually a natural born US citizen….but I shall not touch it). The award was adopted in 1947 and recognizes “exceptionally distinguished service of significance to the Department of Defense as a whole or distinguished service of such exceptional significance” to a part of the Defense Department. The service performed may be exceptionally distinguished service of significance to the DoD as a whole, or service of such exceptional significance to a DoD component or function that recognition at the component level is insufficient, according to DoD civilian award criteria. The nominee may have rendered service or assistance at considerable personal sacrifice and inconvenience that was motivated by patriotism, good citizenship, and a sense of public responsibility. To be eligible, the nominee must be an individual who does not derive his or her principal livelihood from the federal government, such as a private citizen, a political appointee, or an employee on a term appointment that is not expected to extend for a significant duration.

In giving the awards the Secretary of Defense (for another two weeks) said “While his contributions are far from complete, we are now beginning to appreciate what his service has provided our country, how it has changed the way we think about strategy, and how he has helped provide greater security for our citizens and people around the world.”

What am I missing here? I first dismissed this story as a joke, some FAKE NEWS, but I should have known better since it was not carried by the MSM to any degree, and the ridiculousness of such an award to such a faux, petty, insignificant man…..seemed exactly what the Obama sycophants would do. And sure as shit, it was true….it IS true. And it is SO difficult to know where to begin. It may be customary for the President to get that award, I know that Bill Clinton and Bush junior got the award and I also know that people from both sides probably howled at that. But life was good under Clinton, the tech boom and housing market were driving an incredible market and quality of life, and though he himself was a shameless, and it turns out criminal, opportunist and huckster, people had good feelings. George W. Bush may have been no rocket scientist, but he strove hard to fulfill his constitutional requirement to protect the nation and its’ people. His unpopularity resulted directly from the clash in his attempt to exercise his constitutional requirement with the lefts determination to not allow that under any cost.

But how do we explain Obama? He is NOT a private person, all of his income and life support is on the governments dime. His support of the nation itself is specious and to the military not at all. Under Obama we have become a smaller, less capable military than at any time since the start of WWII; he is a leading proponent of all things not military (and the military returns that emotion, I can assure you). He is not motivated by patriotism, good citizenship or a sense of responsibility, indeed he and the entire left eschew such motivations.

No, in cheapening the award in giving it to Obama, the Department of Defense has made it worthless to those that SHOULD have it. Maybe this is a case of everyone, except the deserving, getting a trophy. If Ash Carter was right, and ‘we are now starting to appreciate the service Obama has provided the country and changed our way of strategic thinking’ and he STILL made the award, then it needs to be recalled and shoved up Carters ass. Given Obama’s focus and his background, you know that that was an outright lie to cover for a geopolitical and strategic idiot….and I am not sure that is award worth. And we should all shudder at the thought that Obamas’ contributions are not yet complete. That should scare the hell out of any American. And that Obama would actually accept the medal, though perfectly in keeping with his shallowness and arrogance, is an embarrassment.

This is just one more Obama shit stain he is leaving on America.

For the record, I was given two awards which I felt like I did not deserve. I met the requirements but I didn’t feel like I deserved them, and I didn’t wear them. I was even called out on that once, by a superior that had a hand in me getting one of them. But to me it was a matter of principle.

It would be nice if our President had some of that…..principle. But really, what do you expect from the President of the "every child gets an award" crowd? Obama has managed to out do himself this time. What's the only thing sadder than being given a "participation award?" Giving it to yourself!

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