Democrats Latest Cause: Letting Murderers and Rapists Vote

The topic of voting rights is and always has been a transparent one having substantially less to do with principle than it does with interests. In the days of Jim Crowe Democrats fought against giving African Americans the right to vote because it jeopardized their power in the south. Inversely, when Republicans ask citizens to produce a valid ID when voting its less about defending against fraud than it is about reducing the number of stoned, clueless deadbeats from hitting the polls.

Enter the latest topic; voting rights for convicted felons. This particular round is championed by the Democrats. Take a moment to look at where your respective party stands and consider what it says about your movement. I make no bones about it, I oppose the measure for the exact reason they support it--because it increases the likelihood of Democrats winning elections.

So where do you stand on this topic? Are you one of the Americans who is better served by empowering former rapists and murderers to cast a vote for Commander in Chief or are you one of the insensitive, law abiding citizens whose interests are better served by leaving the laws as they stand?

In reality, nothing shatters the bogus narrative that liberalism is the ideology of intellectuals than the issue of voting rights. Conservatives push in the direction of restricting voting to informed, law abiding citizens. If progressives had their way, everyone with a pulse and iphone would be able to push a button from their iphone and cast a vote while playing Xbox and smoking pot.

Yes, it's about interests. Whose party represents yours?

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