Trumping Political Correctness

Donald Trump’s triumph over Hillary Clinton has been hailed as a triumph of the average man over the privileged political class. As much as Hillary attempted to lay claim to knowing what the “Average Joe” had experienced, it was a pretty hard sell with her having gone to private schools, Yale, and been to dozens of countries as Secretary of State. The political class, the people who have never had any substantial experience in the private sector, may have suffered some blows in this last election. The political class, whether they like it or not, are bearing the brunt of the anger that the working class has been harboring for at least a decade. The political class have chosen politics as a profession, where their main concern is whether they get elected their next term or re-appointed to their position in the bureaucracy. Trump vowed to eliminate many of the political class, to “drain the swamp” of Washington, which has become a refuge for bureaucrats and regulators who, rather than encourage business and facilitate commerce, simply encumber businesses and decrease efficiency.

Certain people, especially the political class, wanted the political class mentality to continue in the tradition that it had established, as a slow-moving, business-hindering, overpaid encumbrance that did nothing to promote or preserve jobs and constantly used the term “global economy” as the scapegoat for every economic problem imaginable. The political class were the odible, overcompensated overseers of omphalism whose self-perpetuation took precedence over any issue of business or citizens; whose universal generalization of a global economy was the reason why everyone but themselves and their wealthy collaborators (read co-conspirators, as the political class also made sure that their wealthy pals escaped taxes) were taking a hit in the wallet.

The global economy was the reason people wanted to come to America. The political class wanted to let people whose culture was vastly different from what could be considered American culture. The problem wasn’t as much that the cultures were different, it was the obstinate refusal of the immigrants to integrate into American culture. The Americans were suddenly required to learn a new language, because the immigrants refused to learn English. All the while, the political class nodded their heads and encouraged the politically-correct thinking that yes, we must learn the language of the immigrants, despite the fact that this was never the case before, and certainly isn’t a requirement anywhere else in the world. Millions of refugees from Islamic states in the Middle East have nowhere else to go but to the predominantly Christian Europe, all the while the ultra-rich Islamic states of the Middle East flatly refuse to accept any significant number of refugees. You see, the global economy and the global society are burdens on America and Europe, as they are pulled out and paraded every time economic hardship is mentioned, and political correctness is, again, the responsibility of America, yet to few others. Perhaps I hear too much negative information, but when was the last time you heard of someone in America getting rich on the global economy? The global economy is always a reason for America becoming poorer. Some of the European states have taken refugees, and the feedback isn’t terribly favorable. The global economy has been with us a long time, it is nothing new, and it seems that it has made a lot of previously poor people into billionaires, as in China. But China could have done what they are doing now decades ago, (except that American manufacturers didn’t go there, build factories and teach them how to manufacture things decades ago) and if anyone is laboring under the idea that China is a capitalist country, be assured it is not, nor will it be in the near future. (Barring, of course another revolution, and that seems unlikely given the stranglehold of the Chinese government.)

American exceptionalism, (denied by the Obama administration early in his term) means accepting people from societies whose values are antithetical to what could be considered American values. A fair number of these states are watching their fellow states and citizens suffer, and wouldn’t take any members of American society if we paid them a million dollars per person. Politically incorrect and proud of it, states whose names I will not bother to list, are too cowardly to suppress the violent factions that terrorize their region unless they are on their own turf, and unwilling to help even those of their coveted faith, all the while insisting that America and Europe take in their refugees, learn to speak their language, accept a faith that insists on its own separate set of laws, and people who wish to make America and Europe into a state that resembles where they came from, rather than assimilate into those cultures generous enough to take them in.

Of course, the political class, insisting on political correctness that causes them little or no inconvenience, insist that the humanitarian thing to do is welcome those who disagree with almost every aspect of American life with open arms. There is a fear, and French are already experiencing it and are taking measures to stop it, that the immigrants moving in will make America more like where they came from, and to many Americans, that does not bode well for our culture or our society. He didn’t phrase it this way, but Mr. Trump “feels our pain” maybe more than many candidates before him. The divide in America is great, and both sides are adamant that they are the heroes, they are the patriots, they have America’s best interests at heart. If the Trump victory was a referendum on immigration, and many feel it was, then the majority have spoken; the only remaining thing to do is execute policy.

America is a unique society, and always has been. To name only a few, Greeks, Italians, Germans, Russians, and all manner of ethnic Eastern Europeans immigrated to America in the early twentieth century, and none of them insisted that America learn their language. There have been German newspapers in certain cities with substantial German populations, but those were privately funded, and they all ceased when the state of Germany was considered an enemy of America. The politically correct view of America needing to learn the native language of immigrants, legal and illegal, is an exercise in futility, which only encourages immigrants to refuse to learn the language of America or assimilate. You can’t go to any other country in the world and their government will grant you citizenship without learning their native language. The political class have foisted political correctness, practices that few, if any other states practice, on the American people. Why? Because the political class are not inconvenienced by the protocols they create. Nothing is impossible to the man who doesn’t have to do it himself.

State after state in the Middle East is unwilling to step up and challenge ISIS, (except the Kurds, who resemble nothing like the other Middle Eastern societies) expecting America to shed blood and sacrifice treasure in order to restore freedom. It seems that the freedom that America treasures isn’t the same freedom that other states treasure, and this is clearly evidenced by the reticence of wealthy Middle Eastern states (some monarchies or theocracies) to mobilize their armed forces to defeat radical factions terrorizing the populations of other neighbor states with whom they share a religion. This behavior is akin to someone invading and terrorizing Canada, and America sitting on its hands, claiming there is nothing that it can do, or so it seems. Of course, there are always the people who can claim that my simple explanation is nowhere near a realistic explanation of the situation. But the calls for help from those besieged by ISIS appear to be pretty simple, which is “save us from ISIS.” No complicated, nuanced plea for help here, just “save us from these barbaric heathens.” Seems pretty clear, but then, I really like clarity. I am not seeing anything akin to “save us from ISIS, but preserve our national identity, guarantee the peaceful functions of our prior government, and allow freedom of worship for the various factions of religions within our state” but perhaps I am uninformed.

Apparently, helping your neighbors is not a value held by those in the Middle East. In fact, as illustrated time and again, invading and terrorizing your neighbor seems to be the most copied behavior of the states of the Middle East. But in all honesty, Christianity has no room to talk. Donald Trump wasn’t the first person to recognize these things; he was just the first major candidate who, risking political correctness, risking condemnation of the political class, but listening to the working men and women of America, decided to skip the political correctness and tell the real story. In the opinion of the millions who voted for Trump, we do not need people who are unwilling to assimilate into the American culture. If the people that come to America for freedom and wealth are the same people that destroyed it in their native countries, they will likely do the same to America. We can, and should, carefully choose who comes into America; that is not a new idea by any means.

There have been restrictions on immigration before, and perhaps that selectivity promoted our wealth and success as a nation. While the argument of selectivity could not really be answered to any precise conclusion, one would have to admit that the previously selected people made America great, and perhaps the people that were refused had nothing to offer. There have been mass deportations as well. Refusing entry of refugees has occurred before, and while the politically correct insist it is our responsibility, there seem to be other states that do not see any responsibilities to members of their religion or any other responsibilities that come with the politically correct protocols of the behavior of sovereign states. America has become bound to political correctness to the point that it is harming America socially, culturally, and economically, and Mr. Trump was willing to take the position that the “requirements” of political correctness weren’t really required at all; it was a bold move the contributed to his victory.

I need not go into the politically incorrect laws, regulations, and cultural norms of other nations. America is a free nation because we fought to be free. Political correctness has insinuated itself into American law and culture to the extent that certain politically incorrect behaviors that were formerly acceptable can now land you in jail or jobless. The other point, if you’ve gotten this far, is that the political correctness that we have shown, especially in international relations, is perceived as weakness. I hate to mention this, but political correctness is seen as weakness to people like ISIS and Vladimir Putin, who only respect people who can beat them in a fight; nothing else means anything to them. There are others who share the ISIS/Putin mentality, but there is no point in naming them.

Before all of the political correctness came into play there were rules of a gentleman and ladies, but the lower classes and their ilk never played by the rules. There will always be people who will cheat to get ahead; as long as there is something to gain by getting ahead. Taking wealth of other nations will not guarantee wealth for yourself; look at Spain, who took hundreds of millions in gold and jewels from South America, and the wealth didn’t last. The world isn’t fair, it never has been. Those who strive for political correctness are under the illusion that they have assumed a moral superiority over those who do not practice their faith, and political correctness has reached the point of becoming a faith in and of itself. I hold no grudges against the smug politically correct, however I will giggle when their bubble bursts and their kindness is taken for weakness. I predict Mr. Trump will burst quite a few bubbles before his term is up.

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