Trump Inauguration Underscores MSM Absurdity

Yesterday we celebrated the inauguration of the 45th President of the US, Donald John Trump. Outside of the inauguration itself, some things were formulaic but I think they bear some examination.

Protests. The answer to everything, to every single thing in America today that does not go the way the left thinks it should, is to protest. And let’s be honest, many, many of these are not protests but riots. The Black Lives Matter Movement should have forever disabused us of the notion that protests, peaceful protests, are ever possible from the intentionally, self marginalized. The MLK era of civil disobedience is over by the choice of the disobedient. And the US has become like other nations in this world, for example the Republic of Korea, where the college students get classes in protesting. The notion among those on the losing side of an issue these days is not to discuss, debate, hold a forum, but to rise up….to take “action” which is now a euphemism, welcomed by the left, for violent rioting. Now, there are some nebulous, zombie marches because “love wins”, but I don’t even know what the hell that means…and I suspect that the marchers know no more. As we saw earlier this week, California’s Maxine Waters prefers the term “protests” because riots make the gathering sound like a bunch of people just out there destroying shit or raising hell. So Waters, who is dumb like a one celled organism, has now made rioting, which is what is being done, synonymous with protesting, which is not what is being dones.

The reality. There is a reality, which I know that the left cannot get their acorns around, that it is far more difficult for a President to change something for the good, than for the bad. Obama harpooned this nation in every conceivable way, to the delight of many, and that is going to be difficult to turn around. The truth is that NOBODY is at risk of anything in the new administration. Let me caveat that, nobody is at risk if they obey the law. Are you at risk for being deported? Quite possibly, if you are here ILLEGALLY. Are you at risk for not being able to come to this nation? If you don’t meet some minimal requirements, sure. But nobody is being marched off to a concentration camp, nobody is being denied the right to vote legally, nobody is being denied the right to work, nobody is going to be “silenced”. As a matter of fact, none of the insanity coming out of the protestors on the left is going to come true, has not even been alleged. Now, to understand that you have to clear your head of liberal, progressive thought. You must understand that not getting your way, and not having everybody forced to do what YOU think is a good idea, does not lead to starving children, women with botched abortions, goosestepping children, brainwashing teachers, a return to slavery, to Obama’s favorite boogey man Jim Crow. You have to understand that circular, fantastical thought is not a valid problem solving technique…..and you must be grounded in reality itself. And you have to learn to be an adult, and the whistle on that train is barely audible for the progressives. Mostly, some of these idiots need to learn that their stupidity is not a license to destroy my property, or they are quickly going to become thoroughy ventilated. Go destroy your own shit if you want to destroy shit.

The Media. There is no question that the media, far from fulfilling their constitutionally designed role, has become an enemy of the people, and the government should that body deign represent the people. There are no depths to which certain media outlets will not stoop, including making up news, to sideline, in this case, the Trump administration. Whether it is a wholly uncalled for theory on who would be in charge should Trump get assassinated prior to the inauguration (which, by the way is anybody’s guess, including CNN’s), to the non-stop coverage of Obama’s farewell tour from hell, to the endless dissection of Obama’s legacy, to the over the top coverage of the democrats in congress boycotting the inauguration (how do those jugheads NOT realize how childish that makes them look?....the media will haunt Trump, including making shit up, until the next election. The latest offering comes from the clown circus at MSNBC, and the stupidity makes me want to stick a fork in my eye and pluck it out.

I listen to these people and I wonder HOW they have not been noticed as having escaped the mental hospital. Chris Matthews is an idiot….there is simply no nicer way to describe him….and I mean that is GENEROUS. In the beginning the mere idea of an Obama election made him pee in his pants (and except for some SERIOUS college drunks, I have not peed my pants since I was a crib baby), and now it is his learned assessment that Trumps inaugural speech sounded Hitlerian. Now, I COULD be wrong but I don’t see Matthews as being a well read man (though I put him ahead of his buddies on MSNBC; Sharpton, Olberman, Schultz and Van (“Black Lash”) Jones). And even if I AM wrong, I don’t see Matthews as a consumer of Mein Kampf. Why READ something poorly written, damned near incoherent and disjointed when Matthews can listen to a tape of himself on air? I guess I am saying that I doubt Matthews has a frame of reference for analyzing Trumps’ speech as “Hitlerian”, and if he does, well, he just got one more thing wrong. As for Maddow and her fellow (I think he is a fellow) Terry Moran “deeming” the speech militant and anti-semitic… Have they missed Trump’s outreach to Israel to repair the damage done by his predecessor who IS anti-semitic? Do they conveniently forget that Jared Kushner, Trump son-in-law, is Jewish and helped found a group of holocaust survivors known as “the builders?” I see NOTHING anti-semitic in that. As for militant…how so? Is it Trumps plan to return the military to its’ role as defenders of the national interest, not as the test bed for all things “social”. There is nothing wrong with a President pursuing his NUMBER ONE constitutional requirement in defending the nation and its’ people. Granted, the government will have to cut back on government funded “dickotomies” for convicted felons…..but it seems like a good trade off. The Chicago Sun called the speech a scary speech from a scary President (I guess “scary” is a relative term when you live in the murder capital of the western hemisphere). One libtard, also in Chicago said that the speech was haunting, offered no hope, no promise for the future, no way to make things better. Other than the media not knowing what it is talking about, and basically telling stories when they should be reporting news, what are they telling you? They are complaining, not based on any facts, not based on any reality, but based on the shock that they are not getting what they want; that others have ideas and opinions.

Trump is only like Hitler if being like Hitler equals not getting what you want.

Trump is only dark and anti-semitic if you have no idea of anti-semitism, if it means what YOU think it should mean. Trump is only militaristic if you dislike the military and ignore the critical role it has played in the development of our nation. If you refuse to see that a strong military is of greater importance to a world power than allowing sexually confused whack jobs to piss in the urinal of their choice, BY LAW, then yes, Trump is militaristic, and you are a moron.

If you think Trump offers no hope, then you are clearly content with the level of “hope” delivered by Obama……and you are delusional. For what hope do you search Obi-Wan? Seriously, that is a legitimate question....for WHAT are you hoping? What is it you are going for in life, and what exactly do you expect the government to do to help you get it? How does a campaign for job growth, putting people back to work, minimizing government interference, gaining energy independence, stopping run-away deficits, plans for improving educational outcomes for our children…..healing the racial, ethnic, religious divides that the left has driven into our nation…how is that dark and without hope? Is it because it is not done the way you want it done, or not WHAT you want done?

IS your mind so deeply imbued in liberalism that you literally cannot see the harm done to man, to civilization, to our nation, when you cannot accept what ALL nations accept, that they should all strive to be first? Obama clearly did not see America first, or even exceptional, when he answered the question about American exceptionality by saying that he felt like America was exceptional just like the Greeks felt like they were exceptional; which means “no”. But that answer is ridiculous. In modern history does anyone think that ANY nation has contributed more to civilization than the United States? It is stupid to equate anything Greece, or France, or Italy, or any South American nation with anything that the US accomplished in the same time period; there is simply no parallel. If you cannot see that, then not only will you never see Trump as a success, you will never see ANY President that is not anti-Everything American as a success. Of course Trump is going to preach America first, America SHOULD be first, in its’ peoples, its’ goals, its’ productivity. It makes NO sense to give to other nations, as a matter of routine, when we lack in this nation? Are you hard up about homelessness in this nation? Well, I think that the government has shown itself to be a bad landlord, so if your passion is to see every American with a roof over his head, you had better get behind a program of some sort…..maybe a commercial venture which requires, in return for housing, some sort of contribution to the city….I could cough up a lot of charity of my time if I didn’t have a mortgage. But I also understand that to do that, I don’t need to be sending billions in aide to country’s perfectly capable of fending for themselves. There is no reason for us to provide any “aide” dollars to a western European nation if that dollar could be spent on housing our own…..or (gasp!!!) kept in the wallets of our own.

There is no reason at all to send any money to any nation in the UN, unless as part of an aide response to a particular crisis, like a Haiti earthquake (and PLEASE do not put the Clinton’s in charge at that point). So, what do you want to do, put Americans first or put other nations first? I guarantee you that Pakistan is not putting the US first. Every country puts itself first, EVERY COUNTRY throughout history….it is understood and nobody questions it, well, no thinking people question it. And it is a FAR cry from putting America first and invading Canada, or Mexico, or any of our neighbors or other nations. And if Trumps’ comment that the American Carnage stops here offends you, you have already checked out to such a degree as to be of no help to the nation, and to be beyond help as a person.

Like I said in the opening….liberalism, progressivism, has so utterly destroyed the fabric of our nation that our citizens cannot grasp the reality of what our nation can be. It is formulaic that the left will work against all Constitutional requirements in order to get their way. It is formulaic that the people will riot against their own well being, and it is now an article of faith that the media aids and abets the enemy better than any spy. Progressivism has shown us at our worst, while making us think that we are at our best….and because progressivism has so deeply infected us we will continue to see the riots, continue to be poorly served by our government, continue to live and argue for living outside of reality, and continue to see it fomented by the media.

And they will all hate it, because Trump might be the one to turn it around and wake the people up…..because the progressives have failed at that also.

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