The Great American Awakening

2017 will birth a prodigious new year for the United States, and the world over. The American People are coming to terms with the failing status quo, and the need for revolutionary change. As if hive minded, races in large, are becoming factionary. Races are sticking together, and while there is an element of human instinct, racial division has been systematically generated by the media.

The greater part of the American media’s agenda in recent years, seems to be to promote racism in general, but especially towards White men. This new MTV ad, telling White men what their New Year’s Resolutions should be confirms this claim. MTV's Anti-White Man Ad

In my observations, the mainstream media can find plenty of intrigue and sympathy for a Black supremacist, or radical Islamists. If a report on a White Supremacist was covered in the same hour by the same media, it would be portrayed as hateful, dangerous and ignorant, then bashed mercilessly. The White subject would receive threats, hate mail and worse. It seems quite obvious, that there is a greater proportion of Black and Muslim supremacists, than there are White supremacists, yet, anything that Whites get together on, according to the mainstream media is an act of racism, supremacism or flat out hate. At this rate, soon enough it will be considered offensive and racist, just to be a White man.

What’s next? Will it be the media dropping flyers from airplanes, instructing communities to lynch White men? The dangerous rhetoric accusing White men of all things evil, that being White is being privileged, is dawning a real American awakening.

Personally, I've never had feelings of racism or supremacism, or any isms for that matter. But when a people are being targeted, and preyed upon, it's worth shining a light to.

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