No, Tom Brady Does Not Owe The Media An Explanation About His Support of Donald Trump

After a year and a half of legal battles with the NFL Tom Brady eventually surrendered to the 4 game suspension levied against him for his alleged involvement in deflate-gate. As we approach this Super Bowl Sunday that very same Tom Brady has led those very same New England Patriots to the cusp of their fifth world championship. Were Brady to lead the Patriots to victory one more time this Sunday it would force the same commissioner Goodell who issued the punishment to hand the Super Bowl directly over to the man most now feel he unjustly sought to defame. In the days leading up to Super Bowl LI there is obviously one giant elephant in the room in which all of sports media is dying to hear from Mr. Brady about. I’m of course referring to the “Make America Great Again” cap that was spotted inconspicuously in his locker during October of 2015. When originally asked about his hat Brady punted on the issue stating that while he didn’t much follow politics he broadly supported Donald Trump in the same way he supports the endeavors of all of his friends. Ofcourse, that wasn’t what the media was looking to hear from him. Seeming to tire of the incessant harassment Brady attempted to put the “controversy” to bed by adding that while he supported his friends it didn’t necessarily mean that he agreed with everything that they said. Not good enough. For these reporters, now acting like Salem witch hunt interrogators Mr. Brady had only two choices: to denounce Trump publicly or to personally confess to the various identity political crimes of racism, sexism homophobia etc which the media had automatically attached to anyone who dared support him. All of this from the very same sports media who were simultaneously giving Colin Kaepernick a pass for openly disrespecting the national anthem in the name of radical and comically uninformed opinions. Coming from a person of color like Kaepernick, these actions and the jumbled word salads he used to explain them are regarded as “starting a conversation.” Meanwhile if you’re Tom Brady, having a red baseball cap in your locker room that reads “Make America Great Again” confirms your public status as a card carrying member of the Aryan brotherhood. If you think this is hyperbole I suggest you check out “HuffPo’s” recent, self explanatory article entitled “Tom Brady’s Politics are More Un-American Than Colin Kaepernick’s.”

The media double standard is well established and by this point in time, more of a joke than a cause to stop the presses. When word came out that Brady’s coach, Bill Belichick was also a quiet Trump supporter sports media pundits wondered if this would prove to be a locker room distraction. Meanwhile Golden State Warrior coach Steve Kerr has been freely dedicating the majority of his post-game press conferences to Aaron Sorkin-esque soliloquies about the dangers of Donald Trump. Why doesn’t anyone think to ask how having a coach openly share his politics might play within his locker room with players who supported Donald Trump? That is of course because Steve Kerr (who is white) coaches a team of predominantly black men so it is simply assumed that none of his players would ever support a white, Republican man like Trump. The mainstream media regards the 90-95% support the Democratic Party consistently gets from African Americans as being perfectly reasonable and would never dare suggest that these figures might have anything to do with race. Meanwhile, if it turns out that a white male like Brady happens to be one of the 59% of white people who supported Donald Trump it must obviously be a decision they’ve arrived at based solely upon race. But that’s none of my business. Once again, this is all standard fair and until recently was about as worthy of discussion as a conversation of the wetness of water. But as of this week the effort to shame anyone who might have revealed, intentionally or not that they dared to support Trump has crossed over into next level P.C. arrogance and absurdity. Beneath the line of questioning is a desire to categorize support for Trump, or any Republican for that matter as being representative of fringe ideologies which are socially unacceptable. To put it more simply, its about bullying people away from conservative. The problem with what they’re doing now is that we had an election and it turns out that there is nothing “fringe” about Donald Trump or the rejection of political correctness which defined his campaign. In fact, not only did Donald Trump win the presidential election, he is actually the President of the United States. The mainstream media are so arrogant, so condescending to traditional Americans that they still have the audacity to try to shame us out of our views directly after they were soundly defeated in a democratic election. Unlike Lebron James, who campaigned aggressively for the LOSING candidate and was directly outspoken in opposition to Donald Trump, Tom Brady actually doesn't have a problem. He has not, for example seen fit to speak for his entire team and announce that they would all refuse to attend a celebration at Trump’s White House should they win the championship. Nope, that’s Lebron James again. Perhaps had Trump lost it might have been vaguely appropriate to question if Brady’s hat could somehow prove to be a distraction but again, he didn’t lose. He won. Tom Brady has the opposite of a problem. His friend is the President of the United States and if they win the Super Bowl he and his team will presumably be guests as the White House. And I’m guessing Brady would go this time. The good people of states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan do not have to explain to anyone why they chose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton and guess what? Neither does Tom Brady. Rather, it is the media who must explain to us why they are still insisting on behaving as though we, the democratically empowered electoral majority of Americans, ought to be ashamed of ourselves.

Though we now know that both Brady and Belichick supported Trump we will not likely be hearing either of them expanding publicly upon their politics anytime soon. Unlike liberals, who feel the need to pollute every place they go with their politics conservatives generally understand that unless you work in government its probably best to keep your politics out of the workplace. Rather, men like Brady and Belichick reveal their philosophies and world views to us through their work, their professionalism, clarity of purpose and shared commitment to excellence. “Do Your Job” was the popular mantra in the Patriots locker room during their last successful Super Bowl run. There are plenty of people around the country who despise Belichick and Brady for their unprecedented 17 year dominance of the NFL. In an effort to delegitimize and vilify good men, these envious haters endlessly obsess over things like the pressure of footballs used in games their teams lost 45-7. To them, the idea that a team could win 14 division titles, 7 conference championships and 4 Super Bowls (perhaps soon 5) in 16 years just doesn’t seem humanly possible.

The common perception of coach Belichick is that he is some sort of shadowy figure, lurking behind the scenes. I see a brilliant tactician who has achieved through his work a zen like state of mind and perfected a formula for success. A formula consisting of simple but essential things like professionalism, accountability and competition. No, I don't expect for Tom Brady or Bill Belichick to explain to the media why they voted for Donald Trump anytime soon--but I'll be happy to share my theories with you. My theory is that while its unlikely that either of them has an abundance of time to contemplate politics both probably had reasons other than friendship to support Trump. I think it might have something to do with the fact that both men have achieved remarkable things through the proper application of their value systems to their professions. A value system both men learned from their fathers and that they would rather see celebrated by our society than denigrated. We know from Belichick's letter to Trump that he is at least "generally aware" of issues like the left-wing media bias and we also know that Brady saw something of value, however vague, in the idea of making America great again. Maybe they simply related to site of seeing a man full of fighting spirit take hit after hit yet refuse to surrender the day.

Many fans are excited by the thought of watching Roger Goodell, the man who waged an absurd jihad on one of the classiest and most respected athletes in the history of sport, forcibly hand the Lombardi trophy over to Tom Brady. As the left wing media apparatus fights contemptuously against a President determined to put “America first” I am eying something infinitely more satisfying. Can you imagine how much the mainstream media must despise the New England Patriots? For starters, as their name suggests, the Patriots are a team defined by their patriotic, pro American imagery. Their second crime is that they are led by two incredibly successful white men and even have white wide receivers. Trigger warning, they are also apparently ALL Trump supporters. Candidate Trump promised us that we would tire of winning, a promise I for one will not consider fulfilled unless I hear Patriots owner Robert Kraft (also a Trump supporter) victoriously declare that “we are all Patriots” as he hoists the Lombardi trophy this Sunday.

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