Victim-Feminism on Trial at Kavanaugh Hearing

This is written in response to U.S. Senator Maizie Hironi (HI), who told me that, as a man, I should “Just shut up.”

Mao Zedong said that power comes out of the barrel of a gun. Today, power comes from one’s membership in a victim group.

The attempt to derail Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court is being attributed, correctly, to Democrats’ mortal fear that he will tip the balance of power in the court to the right and realize the sum of all their fears. To wit, the overturning of the radical social agenda they have enacted over the last sixty years through judicial fiat—landmark decisions from “their” courts—not from the will of the people through their elected representatives. And ultimately, reversing their sacred talisman: Roe v. Wade.

I feel their pain. And I sympathize with their decision to cast caution and decency to the wind in a last ditch attempt to prevent Kavanaugh’s confirmation. It’s worth a shot. There’s a slim hope that the complexion of Congress will change in their favor after the mid-terms. If they take the Senate they can effectively veto any further SCOTUS nominations. If they take the House, which is more likely, they get a shot at the brass ring ... impeaching Trump.

I get it. It’s war. I felt the same way about Mitch McConnell’s blocking of Merrick Garland. Wholly unjustifiable from any rational measuring stick—but by God I’m glad he did it!

It’s war. From my perspective, without a conservative majority on the Supreme Court to right the ship-of-state, we’re doomed. I hate to admit—but it’s a case of the ends justifying the means.

It’s war. Survival is what’s at stake.

* * *

After Thursday’s (9/27) Judiciary Committee hearing the matter has devolved to pure he said / she said. Both Kavanaugh and his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, claimed to be “100 percent certain” in their respective claims. He, that the event did not happen; she, that it did. One is lying—and as has been pointed out, since they were testifying under oath, guilty of a felony. A criminal prosecution could be pursued, in either direction.

If the event did happen more or less as described by Ms. Ford, it should not disqualify Kavanaugh. I submit that there a very few men who don’t have a single episode in their past that today would be construed as “sexual misconduct.” Seventeen-year-old boys and 15-year-old girls are at that crazy period of life where they grapple with often contradictory perceived notions of appropriate sexual behavior. “Appropriate” not in terms of adult society’s norms as encoded in law and public policy—but in the sense of peer pressure and expectations.

Feminists have been successfully rewriting the rules of engagement for decades. The MeToo movement is just the latest skirmish in the war of the sexes. It hasn’t been “weaponized,” as some pundits are now arguing—MeToo is a weapon, and was always intended as one! The ultimate goal is to grant to women the sole power to decide when sex happens. This would be a strange world—one that I don’t think would be biologically feasible for very long. What would happen to the alpha males? Presumably, they would all be incarcerated...

Did someone say “sexual politics? Of course it’s about power. Sixty-plus years ago one of a young woman’s objectives in going to college was to meet a husband. Ten years later it might’ve been to lose her virginity. But now thanks to the relentless pursuit of “sexual agency,” as you read this, somewhere a 17-year-old girl is counting down the days to her 18th birthday so she can make a porno video.

Both men and women imbibe alcohol and take drugs at parties and “gatherings” specifically to diminish their inhibitions with the goal of hooking up: getting sex. I know this may come as a shock, but girls also go to parties and bars to get laid.

Kavanaugh’s third accuser claims that he attended parties where they spiked the punch to make unsuspecting girls pliant for gang raping in a separate room. What a ridiculous characterization of drinking parties! The notion of girls going to parties and being duped into drinking spiked punch—apparently not realizing that it contains alcohol and yet continuing to drink it—and then because of their “diminished capacity” succumbing to a sex “train” with boys lined up outside the room—hence, becoming rape victims—is absurd. And how credible is this woman’s testimony? The supposed gang rape activity was not an isolated event, she says, but routine at these parties. Yet she continued to go to them. Isn’t that odd?

* * *

As I watched Ms. Ford—er, I mean, Dr. Ford—I have to confess, she seemed believable. But I’m a man, and I’m hard-wired to react to a woman’s tears. I cannot trust my judgment. Women have a much better radar to see through feminine guile. Her meek and shy demeanor didn’t match what I’d expect from a college professor. Speaking of ... her field is clinical psychology... you know, those arbiters of normalcy that gave us “recovered memories” and exposed the satanic ritual child abusers lurking in day care centers... and gifted us with the “self-esteem movement” that is damaging our children to this very day. They also happen to be the segment of the population that is most likely to be in therapy themselves. Frankly, Dr. Ford... I’ll reserve judgment.

* * *

But what really aggravates me is the right-wing political class refusing to call out what is at work in this latest Culture War skirmish. The Republicans are pretending that the use of phony allegations of sexual misconduct is just one of many tactics employed by Democrats to bring down a politician or sabotage a political initiative. One of many arrows in their quiver; one that just happens to be the most effective one against Kavanaugh.

It isn’t. It’s a deadly contagion that destroys reputations, careers, and even the lives—of men and boys.

Par for the course, so far it is only female conservative pundits that have the cojones to call out the victim-feminist plague of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape lies. Count among them Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, and Michele Malkin, heroines all.

§ The phony “2% rate of false rape allegations” statistic that doesn’t even exist.

§ The “rape culture” canard.

§ The pathetic “mattress girl” from Columbia U.

§ The disgraceful criminalizing and slandering of the Duke Lacrosse team.

Even solid criminologist researcher Heather Mac Donald avers. She claims it is the PC identity-politics lunacy afflicting college campuses writ large on society and the body politic that’s to blame. Which of course is true, but it still avoids condemning the specific root disease at work: victim-feminism, which is neither confined to PC University nor originated in it.

False allegations of sexual misconduct don’t have their origin in our fully-feminized college campuses. It’s been going on since the dawn of time. Prostitution may be the world’s oldest profession—but a scorned woman bearing false witness to destroy a man is primordial. Remember Jezebel? Granted, it probably ran at a more-or-less constant pace throughout history, but since the emergence of feminism in the waning decades of the 20th century it has metastasized to reach into every domain of interaction between the sexes.

* * *

For decades, untold numbers of innocent men have seen their lives turned upside-down and their children stolen from them due to the depredations of domestic violence regimes that reign in our divorce courts. Subject to the lowest evidentiary standard—preponderance of the evidence—judges always rule in favor of female plaintiffs seeking protection from their “abuser” husband or boyfriend. This “protection” extends, naturally, to what now become “her” children. This is all achieved by a hearsay allegation, in which the man is presumed guilty and has to prove his innocence. In Massachusetts, every court has a designated “Victim Witness Advocate” whose job it is to coach women seeking “abuse protection” orders on exactly what to say to the judge.

Debra Katz, Ms. Ford’s attorney, first insisted that her client give her testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee only after Kavanaugh gave his. Clearly, this attorney has experience representing victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. This is right out of the victim-feminist playbook. Don’t let the accused know what he is charged with until he is called to defend himself. Stalin would feel right at home.

The very foundation of criminal law—the presumption of innocence—is discarded with nary a second glance. This new, enlightened and improved brand of justice is referred to as “feminist jurisprudence.” It’s a morally superior form of justice which recognizes that women must be shown deference if they are “victims” of male sexual misconduct, above and beyond any outdated, clichéd notions of due process. It trumps the narrow, patriarchal, vertical-thinking of dead white-male legal philosophers and scholars.

Thousands of men find themselves on the business end of this “gender justice” every day in courts across the country. Yet this ongoing travesty of justice never makes it to the marketplace of public opinion. Squelched by the news media, denied by the legals in the profession, and buried in academe—it doesn’t exist.

This war on fatherhood, that separates men from their children, is the primary cause of most if not all of our social pathologies—certainly in the African-American community where over 60 percent of children are raised without their father in the home.

It was in divorce courts that women first realized that to accuse a man of violence, sexual or otherwise, bestows an immediate aura of sainthood, where anything she claims will be believed because she is a “survivor.”

* * *

The power of female victimhood has migrated all the way down to grade schools. An article about a middle-school boy who was suspended and arrested for sexual harassment, “with allegations about as credible as the ones brought against Kavanaugh,” motivated a fed-up mom to write a scathing essay detailing her own family’s experiences. She also lived in Colorado Springs, the locale of the news story, and her sons also experienced horrific bullying from a gang of girls who also made up ridiculous lies about her sons. The charges were greeted as gospel by the school administrators because, as she was told, “girls don’t make things up, so he must be doing something.”

Her revulsion is best summed up in these words: “I can’t begin to express my horror and disgust at this. I have no words, just a profound depression. This is not just wrong. This is evil. Straight up evil.”

Every parent of young children should read Sarah Hoyt’s essay, which can be found on “When Every Boy is Guilty, Every Girl Becomes a Monster.” (

It’s terrifying, and should serve as a warning to every parent with boys.

The news article that inspired her, “Boy, 13, arrested, cuffed and dragged from school over #MeToo allegations” can be found at



* * *

The unwillingness of conservatives—and particularly male conservatives—to call bullshit on victim-feminism and its garbage social “science,” has now confronted them front-and-center. Brett Kavanaugh, their hopeful to finally tip the balance of power in the highest court in the land and set the nation back on a path to normalcy—just doesn’t get it.

From the start, in a pathetic attempt to pull and end-run around the certain opposition from the feminist quarter fearing a reversal of Roe v. Wade, he front-loaded his charm offensive by proclaiming his reverence to all things female. Incessantly boasting of the many female clerks he hired, and gushing over the joys of raising daughters and coaching girls on their basketball team—and oh by the way did I tell you about how my mother’s professional achievements as a judge served as my inspiration to also enter law?—his obeisance was all for naught.

And still, as his list of victims and sex crimes grows daily, he doubled-down on his fealty to feminism in a tightly-scripted interview with Martha McCullum on FoxNews (Mon. 9/24). With no hint of shame, he boasted of keeping his virginity till “many years” after entering college. What a Boy Scout! Surely, no one could believe that such a 17-year-old beta male would grope a 15-year-old girl at a party where alcohol was flowing?

Part of me feels like he’s getting what he deserves. He’s proved himself to be a true “cuck,” in Red Pill parlance. Maybe if he makes it through and this whole tawdry affair turns him into an angry white male, he’ll actually grow a pair and rule accordingly when feminist issues come before the court. One can only hope.

* * *

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