Feminists Reveal Their True Colors to Kavanaugh; Will Likely Regret It

Prior to the eleventh hour attempt by feminists to derail Kavanaugh’s confirmation, they were looking at a judge who paid more than lip service to women’s concerns. Yes, he is unquestionably conservative, but he gave feminists good reason for optimism that he would be solicitous to their concerns.

During his initial hearing he spent an inordinate amount of time pandering to women, waxing effusively about how many female clerks he has appointed, his engagement with his daughters and how much pleasure he gets out of coaching their basketball team. Plus, ignoring his father, he praised his mom to high heaven, counting her as his life’s greatest inspiration.

The man clearly wanted it known that he is a friend to women and by extension, to women’s issues.

Then came the allegations of sexual assault, designed to stall the nomination (or kill it) until after the mid-term elections.

Once Christine Blasey Ford’s nebulous allegations surfaced, it took scant hours before other “victims” came forward with their own tales of Kavanaugh devilish sexual behavior.

Well, it didn’t work. And after trashing the man’s reputation, potentially destroying his career if the confirmation failed (Harvard had already notified him that he couldn’t teach his scheduled spring class), not to mention the harm to his family – what have they achieved?

Unless the laws of cause and effect have been repealed, we now have a transformed Judge Kanavaugh. We now have a man who has seen the face of feminism up close and personal. He has now felt the sting of what countless other men have endured: the enormous destructive power of allegations of sexual assault. Not much different than what men going through a contentious divorce have been screaming about for decades—but nobody pays attention to divorced dads. A judicial system that treats men accused of “domestic abuse” in child custody and divorce cases as guilty based solely on her allegations and claims of “fear.” Nor do cases of falsely accused college men register any hue and cry from the ever-vigilant news media. A student found guilty of sexual assault by a Title IX kangaroo court hearing counts himself lucky if he escapes merely with expulsion and a college tuition-sized legal bill.

Now this plague has migrated all the way down to K-12. Not even primary and middle-school boys are safe from malicious accusations by schoolgirls—because “girls don’t make things up, so he must be doing something.”

And now this club of maliciously persecuted males has a new member: one Judge Brett Kanavaugh.

Congratulations, feminists. You now have a truly “woke” conservative man on the Supreme Court. Any hope of a pro-feminist “white knight" to possibly lean in your direction on your critical issues has been pissed away. Good work! I eagerly anticipate a constitutional challenge to Title IX or VAWA, or the next victim of a “mattress girl” who chooses not to settle and makes it all the way to the “Kavanaugh Kourt.”

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