Turning to Trump

Trump wasn't my guy. In 2016 I compared him to the Joker in Christopher Nolan's magnificent Dark Knight. I believed he was an agent of chaos who had hijacked the Republican party.

I argued against him with anyone who would listen, and got heated at times. After the field was reduced to zero (Trump plus Hillary, whom I wouldn't vote for with a gun to my head), I had no one I could support. I believed that he was not a conservative and if elected would fold to Democrats and be just as bad and just as left-leaning as Hillary.

There was a window where this could have happened, I believe, but the left shot themselves in the foot- instead of trying to turn him, they ratcheted up the hate to 11, beyond all reason. They removed any incentive for him to attempt to go along with their agenda, because absolutely any actions he takes, any stance he assumes, any thing he says, drives them mouth-frothing mad- even opposite stands on the same issue. (Side note: his die-hard supporters will do the same thing, only supporting him, which is its own brand of maddening).

This has been true to a lesser degree of any and every Republican president, candidate, or major public figure this century (and at least some of the last), but Trump doubles down. Many times these other figures would try to play by the left's rules, to be nice, and to get along, saying "we're better than that"; but that's because these people think that we can find common ground. There is no common ground: progressives are totalitarians, and will not tolerate "getting along" with anything less than complete submission to their agenda.

(Side note: We are seeing that even complete submission isn't enough, as leftist groups bicker and argue with each other about who is more oppressed, and even those accused who willingly and loudly lament their own existence are told that they are not and will not be absolved).

Attempts to "get along" succeed only in frustrating normals who have been

condescendingly insulted and rhetorically attacked for decades now, being told their normal-until-five-minutes-ago beliefs are the problem, and that only their annihilation will resolve it. Compromise never results in more than a temporary reprieve as progs, long totalitarians at heart (and now openly) tear their own eyes out in rage at the least bit of resistance to their reality-defying perspective.

Trump stands up for himself to the progressive bullies, and by proxy stands up for everyone they hate. This rallies normal Americans together. I don't know where this is all heading, but the left has driven us here, and they must be defeated. They show us who they are every day, and they must never hold power ever again.

I still find much of what Trump says and believes to be frustrating, silly, wrong. But paraphrasing Commissioner Gordon, "he's not the hero we need, but he's the hero we deserve." There's no Harvey Dent on the horizon (having been defeated in 2016), and maybe there won't be. But for now, I'm happy to have Trump be our Batman.

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