A Guide to Commonly Used Political Terms In US Media

Assault rifle = also assault weapon; any civilian owned rifle or firearm

Antifa = short for "anti-fascist"; a decentralized pro communist terrorist group which uses traditionally fascist tactics to suppress unwelcome (usually conservative) speech, ideas, or people

Bipartisan = any liberal or progressive policy or idea

Diversity = also inclusive; fewer conservatives and fewer white people; an institution or community with no white people is the highest order of "diverse" regardless of other factors

Far right = also extreme right, ultra right wing, bigot; anyone who advocates non-progressive ideas

Fascist = a generic term which can be freely interchanged with "hate", "white supremacy", "Nazi", etc; no connection to historical fascism; often used to add emphasis to other adjectives

Feminist = a female progressive, or any idea advocated by a female progressive

Gerrymandering = also voter fraud, failure of democracy; when a Democrat loses an election

Hate = any beliefs, policy, argument, or tactic used by conservatives

Hate speech = any opinion or fact(s) that a progressive doesn't like

Historically oppressed = a progressive group that cannot be credibly shown to be oppressed, but was oppressed in the past

Identify = when someone decides to pretend to be something they are not, and demands that others reinforce their willful delusion

Income inequality = when a rich person hasn’t done anything wrong but progressives want to accuse him of something anyway

Literally Hitler = someone a progressive dislikes as much or more than they dislike Hitler (note that this might vary greatly from person to person, since often the person who says this doesn't know anything about Hitler)

Literally shaking = enraged; a typical self-described reaction progressives have when exposed to contrary ideas; represents fury that alternate ideas exist

Love = any policy, argument, or tactic which undermines conservatives

Moderate = anyone who identifies as a non-progressive but advocates progressive ideas

Micro-aggression = a social slight either imagined or so small as to be undetectable

Nazi = a person who disagrees with a progressive; no connection to historical or contemporary Nazism

Open-minded = accepting of progressive ideas, even/especially impossible or patently ridiculous ones

POC = "Person of Color"; a non-white person, especially a non-white progressive

Politically correct = incorrect

Progressive = someone who advocates a 1984-style communist totalitarianism based on a hierarchy of oppression

Racist = anything a conservative white person does or says

Sexist = anything a conservative male does or says

SJW = "Social Justice Warrior"; a progressive totalitarian who has taken on the responsibility for ending wrongthink, usually online but sometimes in person

Social justice = sometimes just “justice”; catch-all term, relates to adherence to progressive values; unrelated to traditional definition of justice

Toxic = an unfavored class or idea; i.e. male, white, conservative

Unsafe = how any non-progressive idea makes a progressive feel, part of a tactic to connect the idea with violence or oppression; "he said that many conservatives are not racists, which made me feel unsafe"

White = a light skinned person, especially a conservative

White privilege = a derogatory term a progressive uses when they are jealous of a white person’s circumstances or life decisions

White Supremacy = an institution or person a progressive doesn't like, can also be used to refer to American culture at large

Woke = a tactic by which a white male advocates progressivism in an attempt to avoid being categorized as evil; limited potential for success

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