A Call To Arms For Young Men

Regardless of the overwhelming contemporary pressure to prove otherwise, leadership has always and will always be an inherently masculine quality. This is not to say that women cannot or should not be or become leaders. Quite the opposite, we in the conservative movement are blessed to have many dynamic female firebrands who do great work for cause and country such as Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham and Michelle Malkin. What I reject is “Conservative Inc.’s” tireless promotion of the vapid, balloon-chested sock puppets at the expense of an entire generation of young men brimming with insight and energy.

“THOTS” aren’t the only beneficiaries of conservative identity politics, of course. Take the California GOP for example. Their "brilliant" strategy for taking back the state is to try to trick voters into pulling the lever for them by offering up whatever watered down minority candidate du jour they discovered working at their local Chipotle. Thus far the success rate of this strategy hovers at around 0%. And again, there's no shortage of great minds from these communities (Thomas Sowell, Sheriff David Clarke, Larry Elder to name a few.) I wonder if any of those three shared in the Establishment's euphoric climaxing over Kanye (who has since backtracked after being scolded by his comically-proportioned porn star wife) West's MAGA hat?

Regardless of identity, as the party of true equal opportunity our platforms must always remain open and available to those with the best ideas and presentation. But we mustn't confuse this with the leftist concept of minority groups being "extra equal." When remarkable conservative voices emerge from unexpected places we should welcome them to the conversation and allow them to go as far as their ideas will take them. No more and no less. While the occasional trick play may prove to be effective in isolated instances, it’s generally a best practice to leave the identity box-ticking to the Left. When placed front and center the strategy is actually a massive betrayal of the party's largely white, blue collar base—which then finds itself pushed to the back of bus by both major parties. Beyond that, the tactic is altogether cheap, tired and toxic—and certainly not an acceptable substitution for something as universally and historically important as genuine male leadership.

This point was made abundantly clear in the historic political achievements and election of Donald Trump. What's noteworthy about Trump is not just what he wasn't (black, female, gay etc.) but also what he was: a white alpha male. Overlooked in all of the post-election analysis about his message was an examination of his distinctly masculine capacity to overcome obstacles and conquer territory for his tribe.

This should serve as a warning to anyone advocating our party's participation in the global race to feminize politics. It should also serve as a wake-up call to young men who find themselves discouraged or disillusioned from a societal structure which increasingly places them on the outside looking in. While there has certainly been a massive, concerted effort to suppress masculinity, no man should ever accept these excuses for the inexcusable.

First and foremost as men we are endowed and tasked by our creator to be the champions of our people and the guardians of its women and children. For this reason we cannot afford to view the alarming retrenchment of male leadership from the world as merely a reflection of sinister external forces. Whether confronted with unilateral quotas limiting their natural positions as leaders; faced with a frightening lack of due process in domestic disputes with their wives or girlfriends that end up in court; or simply finding themselves mocked and demonized in every form of popular culture, there is no shortage of excuses for young men of this generation to retreat from the vanguard and move to the sidelines.

But when did we as men begin to succumb to obstacles? Furthermore, are any of the challenges facing men today greater than those faced by our ancestors, such as the men of the greatest generation who stormed the beaches of Normandy? What would the history books say about a generation of men who allowed their civilization to be torn down by a deviant cabal of feminists and academics? I don't intend to find out, and neither should you.

Admittedly, comparisons to wars may be unfairly dismissive to the unique challenges facing men of our generation. What's more, we arrive in these uncharted waters wholly unprepared by every meaningful measure. In fact, we might just be the least prepared, battle-ready generation in the history of our civilization. None of this, mind you, is your fault, but that doesn't mean that it isn't incumbent on you to rise to defeat it.

It turns out, also, that there are many unseen, unintended benefits to going through life having your application shuffled to the bottom of every stack. As a guy who needed almost 6 years to get a degree from his local state college I can personally testify to the private sector's ability to swiftly compensate you for the hassle. There is something intrinsically odd about borrowing money to get lectured about your privilege in a room full of students getting a free ride (or heavily subsidized) specifically because of their skin color or gender, etc. Sure, I may not have qualified for any identity-based scholarships, but I stopped caring about the $250-ish a month I pay towards my student loan the moment I started making actual money, which thankfully happened just a few years after graduating. Meanwhile, the majority of the recipients of the identity goodies are still struggling to find their place in the workforce with little to no discernible skills.

This of course has always been the biggest argument against the so called “nanny-state”: hand-outs don’t actually work. While there is some truth to this statement it is also a bit disingenuous. Recently I’ve begun seeing academic leftists-turned-reluctant-centrists make the argument that the true beneficiaries of all of the identity-based campus nonsense are in fact the young white men who are uniquely challenged and thus are uniquely equipped for workplace reality. Perhaps this approach might work. If anything can stop the Left’s incessant war on all things white and masculine, it might be convincing them that they are actually helping us. It’s a cute idea but I’m not particularly hopeful.

Truth be told, while these obstacles can be helpful in some cases the harsh reality is that an entire generation of bright young men have been denied seats at top universities and employment at good firms simply because they failed to tick any identity boxes. What is true about the handouts-don’t-work argument is that they are not directly helpful to the recipients—but there is no denying that they have succeeded in harming those who have been precluded from them. And while Left has demonstrably failed to improve the standard of living within minority communities they have certainly been successful in expanding their size. Rather than spearheading positive reforms for them the Democrats have decided to subsidize all things failed in order to cultivate an increasingly aggrieved and ceaselessly expanding majority coalition of all things “diverse.” Now in possession of this “super coalition” they intend to use it as a weapon to bludgeon traditional Americans into submission and perhaps even extinction. To this end, the advent of identity politics has proven to be a resounding success for their creators.

The real kick in the head for young men comes when they realize that the political movement which purportedly cares only about them in fact wants nothing more than to prove to the world that they have no association with them whatsoever. Identity has been commodified and whether you like it or not it is now the primary social currency of the world in which we live.

While it is true that there is no escaping the violent removal of our collective power, there is also no escaping the growing gap of inner fortitude contained within us relative to our genuinely privileged peers. Furthermore, the so called “Establishment GOP,” which currently impedes our path to the spotlight, is playing with borrowed time. While many well intentioned conservative boomers fervently reject the direction of our country, they simply do not have the same visceral reaction to the future as the one experienced by those of us who will have to live in it. There is an instinct which animates our generation which does not animate theirs: survival. This all powerful instinct has led us to become remarkably more politically informed and insightful than our elders. Staring at the grim reality of what life for people of European ancestry might soon look like in Western Civilization it is abundantly clear to us that we are the last line of defense. Therefore, we are already the thought leaders of the conservative movement and it is only a matter of time before we seize control of the Republican Party.

We must capitalize on this reality and leverage it in creative and dynamic ways, both in our personal lives and in larger political movements. Look at what has occurred on internet culture for an example of how this can work. The Net was supposed to be the Silicon Valley elites’ stomping grounds, not ours—and they are just furious about all of the fun we’re having here. And so they feverishly concoct increasingly tyrannical (and comical) processes and procedures in a failed effort to stop our mischief. But as their list of banned words, ideas and images grow, they succeed only in forcing us to create increasingly intricate new ones, effectively widening the hipness gap between the so called “alt-right” and everyone else.

As the Left is discovering, one of the dangers in outlawing ideas is that those ideas are forced to become remarkably strong and resilient to survive. Conversely, ideas which are protected without routine challenging will naturally soften and decompose over time. If you’re going to be in the business of criminalizing thoughts, you had best make sure you finish the job and kill them in their infancy, lest they return like a vengeful Moses once they have matured. The same is true of people. Those who are challenged will develop strength while those who are coddled will starve in the absence of maternal smothering.

The Left believes that by rigging democracy they can win the game. Indeed, a sober appraisal of demographic trends places their takeover as all but inevitable. But this is only true if one is working with models derived from how our system currently operates. Rather than confining ourselves to today’s broken conventional models and systems, we must expand into new dimensions of thought which our intellectually sluggish opponents are incapable of anticipating. If we manage to pull it off our political enemies may live to regret poisoning the well for liberal democracy.

Ultimately, young men face a choice today which will likely define not only their fates but the fate of our society as well. Historically, the retraction/removal of male leadership from society does not bode well for its inhabitants. The matriarchal, goddess-religion based utopias which follow tend to be short lived and are swiftly and brutally conquered by the harshest patriarchal cults from their neighboring regions. This process has already begun in Europe which is already well on its way to being repopulated by barbaric Islamic peoples from the third world.

The choice, therefore to young men is whether or not they will be beaten down by the adversity or emerge better and stronger as a direct result of it. As man goes, so goes society. In a time where society is force-fed garbage we must realign ourselves with that which is good and virtuous. Rejecting the vile, degrading PC culture and sensibilities is an all important first step, but it is meaningless if we don’t then replace that which is toxic with that which is virtuous and wholesome. “Inceldom” is no more the antidote to feminism than anti-semitism is to white genocide. The answer to both is a reactionary movement, seeking to return both individually and collectively to all of the lovely things soiled and discarded by our parents’ generation: a newfound dedication to the faith, family and values which our nations were founded upon, stewarded by good, upright men who refuse to fail their people.

While many positives can be drawn by our takeover of internet culture, there is also a tremendous level of nihilism and degeneracy lurking about in the fringes. Recognize that cynicism is the coward’s way out. Real men find cause for optimism—or better yet create it for others. Should you encounter a broken man during your journey, offer him a hand and show him a better way. If he is too lost in the abyss to take it, don’t dwell on him. Rather, keep moving forward with renewed vigor and endeavor to create a gravity so powerful that those left behind are forced to get in line behind you. No, it won’t always be easy—but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. If you look closely enough you just might see a generation of bright, young Christian gentleman rising to meet the great struggle of their day. There are more of us like you than you’d imagine and we’re counting on you to keep marching forward; brother.

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